Customer Snapshot

Thank you for coming everybody !!


Whole Cake Available

Banana Chocolate Cake (Raw)
Strawberry Short Cake (Raw Option Available)
Lemon Cheese Cake (Raw)
Spicy Carrot Detox Cake (Raw)

S size for 8-10 people from $65
M size for 10-12 people from $75
L size for 12-14 people from $85

Fruits Decoration is additional charge.
We require 3 days notice on all orders.

Call us 213-617-9616

Happy Birth Day!

July Sushi Night

Sushi Night is now not only Monday but Tuesday!

Vegan Sushi is the new rule.

Eat Healthy without guitly.

I love Maguro(red pepper) and Salmon(paprika)! Yummy.

Hour 5:30 - 10:00



Monday Sushi Night

Thank you so much for your love!
We will continue Sushi Night for July.
This month Sushi Night will be Monday and Tuesday!!