Customer pics!

Thank you for coming on your special day!!

We were glad we could celebrate your birthday.
Hope you guys enjoyed our meal, service and atmosphere.

Happy Birthday!!

New Sake "Dassai" Debut!

For the coming year, we are now offering one of the most luxury and the best quality sake in the world!!

See details below.


Special New Year's Dishes!

We will offer a New Year's Eve noodle dish only on December 31st,
and a special New Year Gozen only on January 1st.

Here is the menu.

New Year's Eve noodle dish $20.11
"Unagi" sushi
Stewed assorted vegetable
Ginger pickles
Shojin Ramen

2012 New Year Gozen $24.95
Brown rice "Mochi" & vegetable white miso soup
"Sekihan" ~ Red rice steamed with red azuki beans ~
"Nimono" ~ Stewed assorted vegetable ~
"Osechi" ~ Traditional Japanese new year dishes ~
Ginger pickles

Have a great new year's eve and new year's day at Shojin!

2012 Shojin Calender

Thanks to Sarah, who is one of the greatest artists and drew all of our artworks,
we could give a beautiful 2012 calender to customers who came on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

She made the calender only for Shojin customers, so it is very special and of particular value!!
Thank you Sarah!

Wish everyone good luck for the coming year☆

Our next special course will be a Valentine course.
Check our newsletter, blog and website for the latest info!

Merry Christmas!

How was your Christmas day this year?

At Shojin, a lot of our dear guests came and enjoy our annual Christmas course.
We hope everyone had a great time with us.

Thank you very much for coming, and all you have a very happy new year!!


The Entree for our Christmas course!

Finally! Here is the entree for our Christmas course.

Creamy Kumamoto "Oyster" and Shojin Unagi" Sushi

"Oyster" is made out of soy milk and fried tofu served with soy tartar sauce.
"Unagi" is "eel" which is made out of baked lotus roots.

Doesn't it sound interesting?
They are soooo delicious!!


The salad for our Christmas course!

Here is the salad for our Christmas course.

Christmas Wreath Salad with Orange Snow

Green kale and grated daikon radish with orange
seasoned with cranberry sauce with balsamic soy dressing.

Isn't it like a real Christmas wreath? :)


The appetizer for the Christmas course!

Here are an appetizer for our Christmas course.

Kyoto Caramelized Vegetables

Roasted chest nuts, brussels sprouts and pumpkin caramelized with maple syrup.



The soup for our Christmas course

Here is the first course, soup.

Matsutake Dobin Mushi

The soup is very delicate and matutake mushrooms are full of flavor.
The combination of them will make you feel as if you are in Japan.


Shojin Christmas!!

One of the biggest event of a year, Christmas Day is almost here!

We would like to let you know the details of our annual Christmas course.

The theme of 2011 is
"The prefect place to experience the real Japan."

For this Christmas, we will offer authentic Shojin cuisine, which gives you mouthwatering taste of the ancient capital of Kyoto, Japan.

Our head chef Jun who specialized in authentic Japanese cuisine that is delicate, flavorful and sophisticated has created the real Japanese Christmas dishes. 
He has plenty of experience with cooking at exclusive restaurants. And now, he will offer this Christmas course with confidence.


Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for choosing Shojin for your birthday dinner!!

We were glad we could celebrate your special day!

We are looking forward to seeing you guys again soon:)


Customer pics!

Here are our dear guests' pics!

Thank you for coming to Shojin on your special day!!

We hope you guys had a wonderful time here.

☆Happy Birthday&Anniversary☆


Origami lantern class!

We had an origami lantern class last sunday.

Many customers joined us and made their own lanterns.
And surprisingly, Origami Sensei came to teach origami to them from Japan on that day! kk

We were very glad they left Shojin with big smile:)
Hope all of them enjoyed this class.

Thank you for joining us!


Birthday Guests!

Here our our birthday guests!

We hope you guys enjoy our meal, service, atmosphere and everything.

We were glad we could celebrate your birthday!

☆Happy Birthday☆


Customer pics!

Happy Birthday Guys!!

Thank you for choosing shojin for your special dinner!

Wish everyone good luck for the coming year as well☆