Sayo chan's birthday cake :)

Our idol, sayo chan's birthday! tomorrow!!
happy sweet 20th birthday!
we love you:D


Holiday meal~vegan and natural cooking class

12/12/09 (sat) 11:00~13:30 fee $50
call to register the class (213)617-0305
Delightful holiday meals in vegan and natural way.

Potato leek soup in bread cup (pic above) aren't they cute???

Orange Kale salad (pic below) and also this is super cute, isn't it???
and one more dish (that chef kimiko is coming up with)

baked whole apple with almond tofu cream :) as dessert.
If you are ready to impress your vegan friends and family (or they don't have to
be vegan to be impressed), please hurry to reserve your spot! in order to learn this
delicious and cute dishes for the holiday!
It's in English


happy birthday!! Nina!!

Happy birthday! Nina:)
hope you had a great night!


customer snapshot!! and tomorrow is....Natural life works!

cute pie :D who enjoyed my carrot pound cake so much!

Happy birthday! Russel !!

So tomorrow is...Natural Lifeworks 01!
There will be so much to see and enjoy!
the highlight for me is...Reflexology and quick make-up!
not just that, we have so much more beauty and healthy-oriented
stuff going on :D

I, as Healthy Shojin pastry chef, made some baked goods for sale!
(pic below is very moist and dense chocolate cup cake!)
and Dill cookie thins, and Carrot pound cake!
Please come and join us for the very first beauty Natural lifeworks!


customer snapshot!!

UTB's announcer and Miyuki san!!

Babies!! at Lunch time :D
Happy birthday! Tyna :)

thank you very much for coming!!! everybody!!


Happy birthday!! Dinos!

Happy birthday! Dinos!
hope you enjoyed pumpkin tart :)

Personally, I love apple crisp the best (from current dessert menu...)
the bubbles on the edge of the baking dish is such a torture to me
esp when I am hungry....


customer snapshot!!

Happy birthday! Sheldon!!

Happy birthday, Elizabeth!
Ashkahn, Heather! thank you very much for bringing your
friend! It was very very nice to see you!
hope to see you guys soon again!


cooking class!!

last sunday... we had a cooking class!
Since it was a such a small group, it was a
hands-on cooking class :D
how lucky!!

So we are having holiday cooking class
(in English!!!!!)
On Saturday, December 12, 2009
Fee: $50.00 (recipes, ingredients, tasting included)
Delightful Holiday Meals in Vegan & Natural Way
please reserve your seat as soon as possible!


customer snapshot! and happy birthday!

We had a big big party tonight!
34 people who just finished up their 
macrobiotic course came to dine with us :)
Chef kimiko, explaining the menu and foods!

and ...
Summer!  thanks for ordering my raspberry tofu cream
sweet 16 :D


cooking class for us, shojin members...

A little while ago...
Chef Kimiko san gave us a lecture on macrobiotic...
This is the evidence that we are learning to be 
better everyday!!
It was not only for the kitchen staff, but also servers as well.

Had a good time!
making seitan and pumpkin soup :D


Thanksgiving Feast!! 11/25~28

We are so proud to announce that we are doing
THANKSGIVING FEAST, using organic and natural ingredients
(and of course, macrobiotic friendly and vegan)

the menu is...

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Marinated Green Beans

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Homemade Vegan Turkey with Herb Stuffing

Mixed Mushroom Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

Spiced Pumpkin Tart

$34.95 per person (Dinner/reservation only)
the vegan turkey is sooooo soft and moist:)
Yum yum!!! don't miss it!
Please reserve your holiday meal at Shojin!


customer snapshot!!

Happy birthday Alexa!

Happy birthday! Laurant!
nice to see you always!

Shoko and Alice!
thank you very much for coming!!
please take care of Tsugu :)


Happy birthday!! Josi:)

Happy birthday, Josi!!

Thank you always!
We are so lucky to have you guys:)

Natural LifeWorks 01: Sunday, November 22

Our first beauty & heath event, Natural Life Works 01, will be held at Shojin on Sunday, November 22 from 11:00am - 5:00pm.

At the event, more than 10 organic & natural vendors are coming to Shojin.

Natural Life Works 01
Date: Sunday, November 22
11:00am - 5:00pm

Place: Shojin organic & natural
333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310
(Little Tokyo Shopping Center 3F)
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Organic skin care
Various echo goods
Health food,
Power stone,
Handmade accessory
Natural group


happy birthday!! Jully!

Happy birthday, Jully!!
hope you guys enjoyed everything :)


cooking class! (in Japanese language)

Chef Kimiko is going to teach how to cook
delicious vegan and macrobiotic friendly dishes, such as...
Yamaimo (mountain potato) steak
Koya tofu cordon bleu
Pear and Apple crisp
(the menu is subjected to change without advance notice)
on 11/15 (sunday) 3pm-5pm

Japanese language only this time.
(English is coming very soon though!)
so if you are interested, please call and reserve your spot!