Crunchy Ume roll

Hot Hot day...
This crunchy roll is created to celebrate this california's hot weather, I think!
Very very very refreshing combination of crunchy mountain potato, cucumber, shiso leaves and ume pastes!
But don't forget! The most important part of this sushi is the pumpkin seeds!! This crunch is the one determine the sushi's flavor!
hope you get to enjoy them!!!


Customer report

Vimi and Govimd's 19th anniversary dinner!! Thank you very much for coming! They told us that they were gonna go to some sushi restaurant in Hollywood, but they found us on Yelp and decided to come here instead! And their decision was soooooo right! :) they loved us to death :D hope to see you soon! and congrats on your loving happy anniversary!

and regular royal beautiful customers!

And happy birthday! Sally!! you guys are so stylish! (by Ken)


118 Degrees!

team shojin visited 118 in costa mesa, ca
and met the friendly team of 118 the other day!

now we are considering to add some raw items on our menu for those who enjoy raw...so we went to get some learn on!!

They are nice people! hope when you visit the o.c, you get the taste of 118 degrees!



Special Weekday Course has started!

Weekday Special Course
Monday thru Thursday (Dinner Time)
$20.00 per person
Daily Appetizer / Daily Soup or Salad / Entrée / Special Dessert

For the Entree, you have two items to choose from!

You do not need to reserve this course! unlike the anniversary sp course.
((you, however, can reserve! (213)617-0305))
And this is a great deal as usaul :)


Asparagus and Shiitake skewers

Asparagus and Shiitake Skewers (2 skewers)
this yummy skewer is consisted of asparagus, shiitake mushroooms and herb sausage. It is pan-seared with soy margarine.
This is an appetizer dish for anybody who's interested in biggest hit item, sausage!!
but surprisingly, the yummiest of all is the mushroom!!! that is juicy and flavorful!!!
come and try the taste of spring!


customer pics

This family, our super super regular customer, is the one who gave us the idea of "LOVE" on the torte!!

Thanks to your creativity, lots of customers got to enjoy this special
and cleaver bag!



Mother's day special course!

Mother's day is around the corner!!
hope you have plans with you mom,
esp healthy yummy cozy dinner at Shojin:)
We are thinking about offering special and orginal mother's day course this year as well!
And we are considering special gift, just like the anniversary's magical eco bag!!! so we are glad to take your reservations! (early reservations are always plus!!!)
please call (213)617-0305


Japanese flavor ice cream trio

Another new dessert...
Ice cream trio!!
They are all inspired by the Japanese flavors.
The one I am especially proud of is the candied ginger ice cream!! It takes a lots of amt of time and energy to create this candied ginger :)
I actually start with the fresh ginger root...peel them, slice them...etc
then the hard cracking candy comes out like that -->
Then I have to cut into pieces...
It is a mighty hard candy block...I know I am hurting my knife, but it worth it! people seem to like them.
so please come and try my new candied ginger flavor ice cream!!


Customer report


Thank you very much for coming to celebrate your happiest day of your life!

hope you had a great reception dinner at Shojin!

Yuki san and Tabea!

And regular customers we always love :)


New Shojin Bento for Lunch!

Since we changed our lunch menu, our classic bento became new and more popular than ever!
Instead of plain brown rice bowl, we added mushroom sushi roll and soup! Then you get to choose one of your favorite dish. And you also get "Today's special dish," which nobody knows until that day comes...
I hope everybody will enjoy this mysterios, yet super improved bento box lunch!!

New Lunch Menu


Have I mentioned about my dessert??

And have I introduced my Greent Tea Pudding cake??? I don't remember...so I will do it again...
Since Green Tea is such a subtle yet very Japanese-y flavor, I wanted to add some' kick to it. Somthing exotic and something fruity...
So I choose Coconut!!
The coconut whipped cream make it more interesting and flavorful, I think. It even enhanced the Green tea flavor!!
Coconut whipped cream is of course made out of beautiful organic coconut milk so don't hesitate to try this!


Customer report

Trisha, our royal customer, she always brings us something!! She is the one who gave us the yummy vegan cookie for our anniversary. And this time, she brought us the CD that she mixed for us!! Isn't she such a lovely person!! Loved your selection!!
And these people are visiting from Japan. They used to be our royal customers as well, but now they live in Japan!!
Thank you very much for coming!! and not forgetting about us!!

New Mojito

Everything at Shojin is improving!!
Not only the food itself, but also the special drinks!!!
This new Mojito by our server, Ken is renewed and improved in so many ways for the upcoming hot hot summer:)
It is going to cool your body with citrusy and minty flavors! There will be a lot to enjoy!
This is coming...mmm.....maybe this weekend!
so don't miss it!


so new and fresh! Soba Gozen

Just like that, we created new gozen...it is called "Soba Gozen."
As you can see...you get to enjoy soba and sushi, one vegetable dish and tempura, salad, and pickles!!
Aren't they yummy looking??? People who are in a mood for noodles, this is your lucky day :)


customer report and birthdays

Lilly, cutie pie here is from Australia!!
She is here for a little trip! but she has been coming in almost everyday while she's in LA.

She told us she loves Shojin's food!! thank you!

This couple loved the eco bag and eco products that we carry!! So they purchased lots of goods and filled up her eco bag;) thanks guys!!

Happy birthday!
It's always nice to have all family gathered around to celebrate your birthday! isn't it???

Two birthday ladies in a table!!
thank you for coming!


Improved! Shojin Gozen

shojin go-zen:
sushi roll(half mushroom avocado roll or spicy roll)
1 entree(seitan pepper steak, fillet o-kara fish or orange "chicken" seitan)
assorted vegetable tempura
today's soup
mixed green salad
daily vegetable dish
One of our popular set menu has a little change.
Instead of bowl of brown rice, we added 3 pcs of mushroom roll sushi!
please come and try!


Happy birthday! Cermet!!

Happy 21st Birthday! Cermet!!
Thanks always!
I wish I was there to plate yours :(
but you got my Orange cheese tart so I guess it's ok... :D
We love you guys soooo much!
Thank you very much for coming and giving us chance to serve you!
see you soon!


Customer pics!

Happy 1st Anniversary! and thank you for choosing our restaurant to celebrate such an important day!!

thanks for coming!!


Sincere Apologies

I think the news letter this morning...was meant to be funny...but it really made a bit of chaos.
We are not going to close our restaurant!!
We are fine!
There are tons of people out there who care about us and write to us how sad they were...when they saw the news letter...
So I want to apologize...
But at the same time, a lot of people let us know how much they love us! I'd love to introduce some of their voices cuz they are so inspiring and encouraging!!!
I love you guys even MORE now!!!
"Ha ha. I was about to pack up my 5 kids and rush down for a final meal!
Thank goodness u r not closing...,..."
"Wow, it scared me! I have not got much time to come by recently since I just gave birth to a baby boy, but I always recommend friends about your place! We will come to visit with our baby soon, so please stay open!"

"I'm so glad that this was an April fools joke, because I would have been soooo sad if Shojin closed, it's my boyfriends and my favorite restaurant ever! Thank you for making the best vegan food ever, and I can't wait to come eat at "New Shojin" :)"
"hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! you TOTALLY freaked me out!!!!! so glad today is april fools day!!! :) :) :) "
There were many more e-mails that I saw!! Thank you every one of you who wrote us!
We are so lucky to have you!!
hope to see you soon! with sincre apologies and many many thanks!