Halloween night!

It was a very busy night at Shojin!!
Our Halloween special course was well recieved :)
thank you very much for coming and trying our pumpkin special course :D
It was very hard to do the course using lots of different pumpkin 
but it's worth it when people have lots of good thing to say!

And we had some customers who dressed up as...

Keith Naring and blond "that girl."
Yukata Japanese girly
Space cow girl and Hippie

Soviet Soldier, 50s house wife, Racoon and "I was born on the wrong planet"

thanks everybody :P



halloween special course~dessert!!

For the Halloween special course dessert, 
I wanted to do 
mix-match kinda thing...
Pumpkin x fruits
Pumpkin x nuts
Pumpkin x chocolate...
the above is what I came up with :)
Trick-or-Treat dessert!
hope to see you lots of you tomorrow and day after for
our special course!!
call and reserve to eat our halloween special course~!


Halloween special course~appetizer!!

Acorn squash and Azuki beans gelee with creamy kabocha croquette

I love love love this creamy kabocha croquette!
It is soooo different from our regular pumpkin croquette appetizer though
(I mean I love reg. one too!)
This has very creamy mouth feel to it! 

hurry!  and please call to reserve (213) 617-0305


pumpkin croquette***Revealed!!

This is "the" pumpkin croquette!! 
(before it is deep fried...)

Our most popular appetizer :) that everybody love!!!
Mie san was dividing them  into individual sizes
Unfortunately, she didn't want to be in the picture... :( 
But this is how we do~!
We put a lots of time and love into our food!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Toby!!
We were soooo glad that you guys came and
let us celebrate your birthday! 
and thank you for ordering chocolate-y whole cake
for your birthday party yesterday!

Happy birthday! Lucia!! :)
I hope that you liked chocolate banana parfait!!!!


happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!  Paul!

Your beautiful smile made us very happy!  
Thank you :)
have a nice night!


halloween special course~entree!!

Stuffed Orange Pumpkin

Oven baked mini orange pumpkin stuffed with homemade
ground veggie meat, brown rice and vegetables.  
Topped with mozzarella and pumpkin seeds. 

This is going to be the entree for the halloween course!!
It's very cute! and yummy!!
please call to reserve your spot!


halloween special course~soup!!

Chunky butternut squash soup
Hearty butternut squash and vegetable soup topped with homemade
tempeh bacon and blanched kale

This is going to be the soup for the special halloween course!
it is very comforting and delish!
It's not so heavy, more like a minestrone type of soup! with sweet
and soft butternut squash :) yum!

please call to reserve your seat for this!


customer snapshot!

Reuben, Alex, Helen, Marina and Zel
Thank you very much for everything!
They enjoyed everything from food to service! 
We are so glad!
"I totally enjoyed our conversation
hope to see you soon" (by Ken)

Happy birthday!  you guys are sooo cute together :)
we love you! come back soon!!!

We were glad to celebrate your birthday!  and to see your smile!
thank you very much for choosing us!


Halloween Pumpkin Special Course 10/30-10/31

Our Halloween Special Course is packed with pumpkin!

All pumpkin dishes include pumpkin appetizers, squash soup, squash dressing salad, packed mini orange pumpkin, and pumpkin desserts.

Halloween Pumpkin Special Course $34.95
Friday, October 30 - Saturday, October 31
Reservation Only.

Don't miss our special Halloween Pumpkin Special Course.
Please call now 213-617-0305 to reserve your space.

Coffee and Tea

Menus are subject to change without notice.


customer snapshot!

Jackson and Erika!
thank you very much for coming (and
bringing your girlfriend!~nice to meet you!!)
see you soon :)


happy birthday!

Happy birthday! しょうこさん。


sneak preview!! Hallloween special course

This is my favorite so far. 
mixed green, cucumber, mixed sea vegetable, tofu, raisins and 
of course! pumpkin dressing :)
how unusual is that?!!?
But in the end, it makes sense all together :) very sweet and creamy.

So as you guessed, we are doing halloween special course on the weekend of
halloween!!!! (10/30 and 10/31)
Need reservation! please call (213) 617-0305 

Because this is a very unique, one and only pumpkin special course!
From appetizer through Entree, chef Kimiko is using 5 different kinds of pumpkins and
And I will add some delicious pumpkin desserts to finish the course :D
hopefully all of you will get to enjoy them! can't wait!!

New Item: Hamburg Steak w/ Yuzu Ponzu Sause

Yuzu citrus soy sauce will perfectly match to veggie-hamburg.
Enjoy Japanese style taste!


happy birthday! Ray!!

Happy birthday! Ray!!

if you bring all of your friends, you get to celebrate birthdays everyday!! 
don't you think??? :)
hope to see you soon :D


Customer snapshot!!

Lili and Yen!!
Thank you so much for coming!
please come and bring your family next time!

Ms. Inoue's big party!!
chef Kimiko explaining the menu to the party of 20 + !!!!

Happy birthday! Tien San.
Hope you enjoyed your private Birthday time :)

Happy birthday, Michelle!!


Fillet-O-Kara Fish

this yummy looking new entree, okara-fish is now our popular dish :)

Combination of crispy homemade veggie fish and a seitan nugget
skewer served with lemony tartar and miso demi-glace sauce!

The texture of the fillet is very tender and the sauce!! yum yum!
Last night, this was "the" entree that everybody loved:D
come and try!


Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Tonya!!
Happy birthday! Rebekah!!

Happy birthday! Matt:)


cute pumpkins!

our talented server, Keiko chan made some
pumpkin decoration!
Aren't they cute!!!!?????

We are waiting for you to come at the window :)


customer snapshot!!

Michelle and Marc
Happy Birthday, Marc!!
We were glad to celbrate your 38th birthday!
I had a great time with you guys. hope to see you guys on next artwork show!
Arigato (by Ken)
Mike! who has been a great royal customer and his friends!!
Thank you very much for coming
hope you will continue to have a great time at Shojin!

Okazaki san!
Thank you for coming our cooking class and being a great customer :)
We will see you soon!


Earthworks 05 You&Me reception party!!

We just finished our earthworks 05 You & Me opening
reception party :)

We had good crowd...

We had these girls who did manicures and cute
decorations for cell phones and all!!

live music performance!

Tomo san, Ko-no san, and Kimiko san!