Tsukemono~pressed salad~

Cucumbers and red raddish!!

These are the main ingredients for our famous yummy yummy tsukemono pickles.
They are soooo fresh and organic. That is why the cucumber curls up and makes the letter C
like Akiko san (below pic) is holding.

These pickles come with the dishes like hot/cold soba and a side of curry.


Tim and Eri chan

Happy Birthday!! Tim!!
They were celebrating his 29th birthday.

Cheers! with a organic fruity sparkling cider :)

Don and Vicky ;)

Our regular customer, Vicky and Don !!
They dressed up so nicely :)
After our healthy dinner they were gonna go see the opera!!

How classy!!


Busy memorial day dinner ;)

(Fred's group)

(Renee and Gloria)

Ms. Z came to dine with us again!! This time, she brought her singer friend!
and she also brought her album, "are you thinking what i'm thinking?"
I can't wait to listen to this :)


Alicia Silverstone at Shojin!!!

A couple days ago, we had Alicia as a customer !!

Too bad I wasn't there :(
but our chef kimiko san took a picture with her and sent
it to me!!
Gosh she's soooo cute!
I can't tell you how many times I watched "clueless!!"

I heard she loved the chocolate tart and lime ricecream that I made!! So
I am pretty happy even though I wasn't there....

And also, she let us have a chance to explore the "PETA" website, which
is "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
She has this beautiful commercial on their website as one of the celebs to speak out
about animal rights.
so please check it out!



Celeb was here!!

Ms. Z from the world famous band called "the Like" was here
a couple wks ago. 

She loved us!!

above is her band's website!!


Vote for Shojin!

We are nominated for best vegetarian restaurant 2009.

Fans of Shojin!!!
Please vote for us!  
We've nominated last year as well...
however....the result was... :(

so hopefully, this year, we will be the number 1 Vegetarian restaurant around downtown


Above address is the website you can go and vote for Shojin (and the other places in downtown that you want to support!) 

I was little late to announce this...
I think the voting will end tomorrow so please go to the website as soon as possible!

lots of love :)


Artists coming to Shojin

(Jessica with her piece)

Because of the Earthworks, we get a lot of customers who didn't know Shojin existed before.

On the other hand, there are some artists who got to know the Earthworks through

I think Lorelay (pic above) is one of the artists who loved Shojin before she exhibited
her work.
She creates very very cutsie pictures.

pic below is hers, which also became a poster for the last Earthworks.

And we of course, asked her to do the same pose as the girl who's in the picture :)


soooo excited!!

(Heather and Ashkan holding the dessert plate)

Yesterday, we got to celebrate one of our oldest and greatest customers!
He probably sang "happy birthday" to other customers more than me...
since he is always there :) to support us!

Ashkan! Happy birthday!



Many many congrats on your graduation!

(Daniel and her family)

Yesterday, we had 2 different parties for new graduate from USC!
Thank you for coming to Shojin to celebrate such an important occasion with us!

Interestingly enough, both of them selected pumpkin cheese cake for their desserts!

Congratulations to you both!!!

(Melissa with her dessert!)


Mother's day special course dessert!

(Seasonal fruit tart and lime rice cream)

This is going to be the dessert for our mother's day special course.

The pinkish colored filling inside the tart is raspberry tofu cream.
And the lime rice cream that I made for this occasion is such a big hit for me.
It is sooooo refreshing!!

We are still taking reservations so please hurry and call up Shojin


mother's day special course!!

This weekend!
We are having a mother's day special course.
The theme will be "deep green! "(since it is early summer time :)

We are offering this course on...
8th(Fri) 9th(Sat) Dinner time
10th (Sun) Lunch and Dinner

$35 per person
Appetizer: Tempeh canape
Appetizer II: Vegan sushi
Soup: Edamame Vichyssoise
Salad: Avocado, tomato and grapefruit salad
Entrees: Asparagus penne
Desserts: Fruit tart and key lime rice cream

This is the best and yummiest (and of course) healthiest prix fixe yet!
I am pretty sure that your mom will be very happy and will be impressed with your thoughtful choice of the specical treatment!
And this doesn't have to be only for mom! Anybody can enjoy this deliciousness!

Reserve your seat as soon as possible! Spaces are limited!


Vegan/macrobiotic birthday cake!

I had an order for a birthday cake.
This chocolate cake is all natural, dairy and refined sugar free.
I used dark chocolate sponge with chocolate tofu cream. I sandwiched strawberries inside.
Hope this mom had the healthiest and best birthday ever!


Earthworks 03 on May 7th

Earthworks 03 is coming up!
The title is.... "Impulse"

May 7th (thursday)
$5  cover

you get to enjoy and celebrate our open night for the Earthworks 03 

Live latin jazz band and Japanese traditional dance will be performed.  

you can check out the artist information at this website: