samples for fall's new menu!!

Devilish Sauteed Seitan Steak!!

This steak is beautifully done!
After it was lightly sauteed, it was baked in a oven with
lots of toppings (secret :D)!!
lots of good flavors! I loved it!

Hamburg steaks with yuzu ponzu sauce

I loved this one as well!!
our popular yuzu ponzu seitan appetizer and hamburg, combined together!!

the bad news is....these are only samples.... :(
so you have to wait until fall to try these beautiful dishes!!


Shojin article on Chinese Daily!

Chinese daily introduced us on their southern california
Gourmet restaurant!!


hurry for the tomato carpaccio

It is getting to be the end of the summer!!
(I know it is still hot hot hot!!)
But the best season for tomatoes are coming to the end!!

So I really love to introduce you to this beautiful tomato appetizer!
You get to enjoy very fresh red and yellow tomatoes from farmer's market
with our famous marinated and baked (and chilled) tofu!
It has sweet and tangy sauce on top!!
you better hurry for the last taste of the season!


happy birthday!!

Happy 18th birthday!! Ashley :)
We are so glad to celebrate your birthday for the second time!!
We still have your 17th birthday's pic on our office wall :)
see you soon!!

customer snapshot!!

Wayne and Elizabeth!! they are on their vacation from Philadelphia!!
Christy Morgan! She is teaching macrobiotic!!
you can take classes from her!!
Please visit her website for more information!
Hope you enjoyed everything :)

Pooja Family ad Pamela
Thank you very much for coming from such a far away! (from Virginia!!)

Thanks a lot!! Mary!! and everybody!
You guys always give us great energy :)
We'd love to come to your restaurant someday soon!!


our Cranberry Apple Latte!

Cranberry Apple Latte! $3.95

This is our original drink, made out of
organic apple juice and cranberry juice.
It has a slight tartness which resembles yogurt
because we blend it with soy milk!!

Yum Yum!!
It's definitely worth trying!!

Gluten-free Items

Our customer asked whether we offer gluten-free options.

We have quite a few gluten-free items, however we will be able to make some items gluten free using alternate seasonings.

Here are the items that we can make gluten-free.

Sauteed Garlic Eryngii
Vegetable Peperoncino
Hot Shishito Pepper
Tofu Cheese Tartar
Okara Cake

Soup & Salad
Pumpkin Chowder
Sea Vegetable Salad
Gobo Chips Salad

Grilled Vegetable Curry

Orange Tempeh & Vegetables

all our ice creams

It will be helpful for us if you make a reservation and let us know you will order gluten-free options.


Vegan Sweet Potato, Carrot and Peach Cheese Cake

Sweet potato, carrot and peach cheese cake 6.95
Sweet potato cheese cake, mixed and baked with carrot & peach jam. Vanilla rice ice cream

This is the cake we had on my wife's birthday. I really believe that it is one of the best vegan cakes I ever had. Thank you very much for having great time.


Happy birthday!! and Happy Anniversary!!

Happy 7th Anniversary!!
Kara and Daniel :)

Happy Birthday!! Claire!

Happy Birthday!! Mizuho san!!


happy birthday!!

Happy 4th birthday! Sebastien.
He is our regular customer as well.
Not just that, they are the organic veggie supplier!

He is super cute :)
Thank you so much for your cute smile!
We are melted by it!!
Happy birthday!!


Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!! Amy!!

Although they didn't know we are vegan/macrobiotic dining,
they loved our healthy and hearty foods!!

Happy forever 18, Amy :) !!!
love to see you again!


Our special course dessert!!

As I posted yesterday, our special course's dessert
Green tea rice ice cream and azuki beans!!

Azuki is such a very very traditional Japanese confectionary
that we cannot live without!
I make the paste from scratch!! Boil it and mush it, and then sweetened
with brown rice syrup (and I added some maple syrup as well this time).
And! it's not just delicious, but also it has good protein and vitamin E, vitamin B1,2,6!!


customer snapshot!!

Arron and Naomi
loved Shiitake appetizer!!
came here two days in a row!!!
Thanks a lot!

Reiko san
Happy birthday!! and thank you very much for coming!!
Please bring a CD for us :)

This week's special!!

appetizer: Okara Cake Hand Holl
Fried vegan cake made with soybeans and brown rice wrapped in soy paper served
with wasabi mayonnaise.
Soup: Herbal Tomato Bisque
Creamy tomato soup made with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions seasoned
with sea salt, herbs and spices.

Salad: Spicy Tofu and Sea Vegetable Salad
Tofu, mixed sea vegetables, greens and cucumbers with spicy miso dressing.

Entree:Green Pesto Spaghetti
Spaghetti mixed in cilantro pesto sauce with kale, cauliflower, garlic and chili.

Special Dessert: Green Tea and Azuki Parfait
Crushed grain bar with green tea rice ice cream and vanilla rice ice cream,
topped with azuki beans and chocolate tofu cream.


Vegan Sachertorte

Sachertorte 6.95

Two layers of dense and sweet chocolate cake with a thin layer of home made apricot jam
in the middle and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides


customer snapshot!!

Thanks for coming and we hope you enjoyed everything!!
(esp: rice ice cream sandwiches!! you guys ordered all the flavors)

See you tomorrow~!

New Dessert Menu

You can make it to-go on Cookie Sandwiche.


customer snapshot!!

She used to come here very often.
But she left the town a year ago for business.
Now she is back in LA!!
Good to see you again!
thank you for not forgetting about us :)

Happy birthday!! Nisha!!
Vegetarian family who enjoyed shojin's appetizer through desserts all the way!

Jennie and Tina! Sisters!!
regular customers who loves us!!


Japanese style parfait ♪

At the end of this week's special course, we are serving
Japanese style parfait.
Cubed brownies, 2 scoops of rice ice cream, raspberry sauce
and tofu chocolate cream, sprinkled toasted pecan.

They are in a tall glass, which makes it different from Sandae (according to wiki).

happy birthday!!

Happy birthday ! Lilly!!
She loved our home made tofu cheese!

Happy birthday, Hannah!!
They are celebrating with my sachertorte :)


customer snapshot!!

Rikki and Lloyd
They have been coming here since we opened!
As our server, ken told me Rikki always has nice hair color!!!

Thank you very much for supporting us for such a long time!
We will promised that we will always bring our best to serve you :)


Next week's special course!

As every shojin fan knows, we have weekly special course.
Our next week's special will be...


Shishito Pepper

Fried shishito peppers w/ garlic soy sauce topped with nori.


reamy Cauliflower Soup

Weekly special.

Our favorite soup made with a lot of cauliflowers and caramelized onions.


Shojin California Salad

Weekly special.

Home made tofu cheese, fresh tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers,

corn and almonds on mixed greens with house dressing


Barbecued Seitan with Broccoli

Stir-fried broccoli and seitan with roasted cashew nuts

seasoned with our soy barbeque sauce.

and of course, there will be a special dessert/treat :)


customer snapshot!!

Adam and Jessie!!
Our regular who love love love soba dishes that we make.
This time, they loved Origami decoration so
our server, Keiko chan taught them how to make a crane :)

New Weekend Lunch Special

Here is the new Weekend Lunch Menu starting from August.
You can enjoy Pasta and Seitan Steak on Saturday and Sunday lunch time.

Here is the Weekdays Lunch Special.

strawberry chocolate chip with lemon biscuit!!

As I posted before, I finalized our cookie sandwiches!!
I made three different kinds :0
the pic above is strawberry chocolate chip rice ice cream x lemon biscuit.
In addition, there will be mocha x chocolate chip cookie and green tea x chocolate cookie.


Happy to celebrate your birthday and special occasions

We would love to share your birthday and/or your special occasions with you and your family!

We like to thank Dawn and Candice choosing Shojin for the memorable engagement and bringing your happiness to us.

I want to say thank you from the both of us. Everyone at SHOJIN really made the night very very memorable. This restaurant will surely hold a special place in our memories. I wish you prosperity, because Candice and I hope to be back soon!

Thank you,
from Dawn & Candice, the happiest couple on Earth :)

Great thank the customer for sharing your birthday.

Thank you so much... Yo guys are really sweet...
Couldn't have asked for a better birthday dinner!
Look forward to my next visit there...
that mushroom dish and the pumpkin croquettes were outa-this-world!!!!

xo m

And thanks Ted and Trang for coming Shojin to celebrate every special family ocasion!

You are of course welcome to useour photo on your blog. Our whole family loves Shojin. Thank you for givingus such wonderful memories (and food)!

Thank you for the photos.

Ted and Trang

We look forward to sharing your special occasions with you.
Please call Shojin or ask server when you have something.


Happy birthday!!

We had two birthday parties yesterday night.
Both of them told us that they heard from their friends
how much we can sing :) so they decided to come here
for their birthday!

Happy birthday, Sherry!!
It was her 21st birthday yesterday!! what a big day for her :)
21 candles ☆

Happy birthday Julie!


Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!! Catherine and Serena :)
We had two birthday girls last Monday!

Shojin Style Sachertorte

Just like the real Sachertorte, I had to make it with
the apricot jam! Since we are not buying apricot jam from
retail store, I cooked the fresh fruits with beet sugar and all
to make it more macrobiotic friendly.

Two layers of dense and sweet chocolate cake with
a thin layer of home made apricot jam in the middle
and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides!!
comes with Mocha rice ice cream $6.95

Come and try our version of Sachertorte!!


August New Lunch Menu

Here is our new lunch menu from August.


Best Menu of July by Customer Orders

Here are the best sales menu items by orders in July. Please check if your favorite items are listed.

Best Lunch Menu

Bento Box 9.95

The most favorite choices:
Hamburg Steak
Pumpkin Croquette

Best Appetizer

Pumpkin Croquette 5.95
#2 was "Yuzu" Ponzu Seitan 6.95.

Best Salad

Tempra Avocado Salad 6.25

Best Sushi

Caterpillar Roll 9.95/half 6.50

Best Soba

Spicy Tofu Soba 9.95

Best Pasta

Green Pesto Spaghetti 12.95

Best Entree

Orange Tempeh & Vegetables 11.95

Best Dessert

Tiramisu 5.95