☆new items and new hours☆

If you got some love for hot spicy food, we have good news!
Starting Feb 1st, we added quite a few new items.

I especaily high-lighted these spicy dishes.
Well, first one is...Shishito (Japanese hot pepper) appetizer.
It is lightly fried and seasoned with scallion soy sauce.
it's very simple, casual and mouth watering.

The next one is Spicy Tofu Don. The tofu is well marinated with secret delicious sauce, and then deep fried with our unique tempera batter. YUM!!

We are excited to introduce the new items that can spice up this Febuary's big love event!

Changing Business Hours:
Monday through Friday
Lunch 11:30am~2:30pm
Dinner 5:00~10:00pm
Saturday and Sunday
for more information, please visit our website


Valentine's day course menu II

Roasted grape tomato and mixed greens with balsamic Vinaigrette...mmm..

This is also part of the course menu.

I have to remind you that the seating is limited so please make a reservation as soon as possible.

As for lunch, we are welcoming families!! We are encouraging everybody to enjoy the special day with us.

Lunch $24 per person (11:30AM~4:00PM)

Dinner $34 per person (4:00PM~10:00PM)

For more information, please visit:



Kanpyo~our sushi menu is going to expand!

Since the day we welcomed our new crew member who has studied sushi in Japan,
we wanted to add some new items to our popular vegan sushi menu.

He came up with the idea of Kanpyo, which I don't believe is very popular here in So-cal.
Kanpyo is one of few things that my city, Tochigi, is famous for.
It is dried strips of Calabash, a type of Gourd. (above: He is cutting it by measuring with his hand.)
Then, for a long time, he simmers them with a perfectly seasoned broth.
After a long wait, it becomes a sushi roll...

Oye! It was a masterful piece.

To see and find out more about us, please visit our website.


Organic ingredients from Farmer's market

You know, most of our organic ingredients come from local farmer's markets.

Every sunday morning, our chef and owner wake up early to get those freshest and finest seasonal vegetables and fruits. (the one in a blue jacket is our chef, she is in a serious shopping mood...heh-heh:)
Well, it takes a lot of effort to pick out the best of the best ingredients from the cart, however; we do it! the chef Kimiko looks at each and every vegetable and chooses very carefully (while the owner samples each and every fruit :p) in order to make sure we present our dish with the best of the best ingredients...


celebrating customer's birthday

Celebrating our customer's birthday is such a big deal to us.
We love to sing and make it much much more special than any other restaurant you've been to.
Yesterday was no exception.

Happy birthday!
We love to see your smile :)


Valentine's day course menu I

it's very cold today.
Shojin, however has this exciting hot event coming up!!
***Valentine's day***
special courses are available for lunch and dinner on 2/14/09
(pic above is one of the course menu!! It is a 3 layered vegetable terrine, not only cute looking, but also wonderfully healthy and yummy!!)
In the big town of LA, I believe Shojin is the ultimate romantic date spot;) who wants to treat their dates with vegan/macrobiotic foods!!!
Lunch $24 per person (11:30am~4:00pm)
Dinner $34 per person (4:00pm~10:00PM)
***early reservation recommended!!***
I want to go on to more details about menu soon enough!!
I will update more of our sample course pictures.


Vegan? Macrobiotic? the answer is SHOJIN

I work at a restaurant, called Shojin as a pastry chef.

The restaurant opened last year so it is fairly new.
As a big fan of Shojin myself, I wanted to start this blog to communicate with the fans of Shojin and, moreover, to let the world know of the existence of this fabulous restaurant that can open up a whole new perspective about food and health.

The pic that I uploaded above is the Chandelier in our restaurant. My boss (the owner) told me yesterday that he wanted to put a chandelier and fireplace in to make the restaurant homie and cozy. Not only that, I think the restaurant is a great date spot (as we have seen by the reviews from Yelpers!!) because the service they offer is 5 star quality.

This is a blog about my experience there.
And I would love to share the life of Shojin.

Monday thru Sunday
11:30am through 10:00pm
(will be changed in Feb 1st)

333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310 (Little Tokyo Shopping Center 3F)Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213-617-0305
Email: shojin-info@theshojin.com