Happy Birthday! Neal

Happy Birthday! Neal:)
hope to see you soon!

cooking class! report!

We had a great class today:D
Thank you very much for coming!


Green Tea Pudding Cake

Feeling like a Green Tea???
Coconutty Green Tea Pudding Cake is going to be on
our Feb dessert menu :)

with Toasted coconut on top! and raspberry swirl ice cream on the side!!
It is very soft and delicate!
hope you can try it soon!!


Cooking Class on Jan 30th

Chocolate Steamed Muffins!! that you can get to learn on!!
It was very very yummy, slightly chewy in the texture and
deep chocolate flavor add some interesting Japanese-ness to it:)
love it!
hope you can come and have this opportunity to learn how to make
Shojin's famous Seitan and the entree "Seitan with Broccoli."
Please call (213)617-0305
Space is limited and it's on 30th Jan!


Our plans....

We are planning on having a live music night...
We don't know the details yet, but the guitarist came here
to eat and feel the atmosphere of Shojin tonight.
He is really good!
hope you guys can enjoy his music soon enough!

happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday! Stephanie :)


chocolate gooey cake!

now is the time for chocolate!
I am creating new menu for Feb right now.
I have been making samples everyday :)
This is today's invention at the Shojin kitchen!
Chocolate cake with a oozy chocolate goo inside!!
yummy and decadent!
It is going to be made to order! so it needs a little bit of time (18min) to be exact!
hope this will be a big hit~:D


Love is in the Air!!!!

Valentine's day is coming up!!
Shojin is a great choice for date night (as you know!)
please join us, not just for the Valentine's day, but also
the Valentine's wk special (Feb 11th thru Feb 28th).
You get to have a great course for two and enjoy the lovely art
by the artist, Sarah Williams.
call for more info or reservation


Yummy spaghetti for the valentine's day special course!

This is one of the samples for the valentine's day sp course!!
Velvety red quinoa with tangy, yet creamy sauce!!
I tasted it, and it was really really good!!
In texture, tt is very similar to cod fish roe spaghetti that we, Japanese people love!!

hope everybody can try this new sensation!
call (213)617-0305 to reserve for your date!!


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!Amish :)
and thank you very much for coming bringing all of your friends.
We would love to innovate and create our ideas
and try to impress you more and more.
so please come back again and be our guest!


happy birthday!!

happy birthday! Adam :)
This is a nice pic! hope you had a great time!!!


cooking Class on Jan 30th

Don't you want to learn the secret recipe of Shojin's Seitan!!???

"How to Make Delicious Seitan"
Jan 30th (Sat)
11:30am to 1:30pm
fee $50
including: recipes, ingredients and tasting
at Shojin restaurant
for more information about Shojin
please visit
and call to reserve your cooking class!


customer snapshot!!

Ellie and her kid :)

thank you, Keiko chan!!

bye! Keiko chan!! we love you sooooo soooo much!
hope to see you soon :D

2010 Valentine's special course!!!

2010 Valentine’s day Special Course

Feb 13th (Sat) 17:30~22:00

Feb 14th (Sun) 12:00~22:00

offering: Valentine’s day special course:

Dinner $37.50 per person

Five course (Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entrees, Dessert) + Aperitif and Coffee

“Love is in the Air” Special two weeks from Shojin

During Feb 15th (Monday) through 28th (Sunday)

We are offering very special “Wall Art Show” by Sarah Williams and

“Romantic Date Nights” course that a couple can enjoy together.

It's time for men to take a initiative! don't miss this special healthy course to impress your

special someone :) please call for more information or to reserve your seats (213)617-0305


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Hazel!!!
And ...thank you reiko san always~!


Happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday! Ratziel :)

thank you very much for coming to dine on your special day!
two years in a row!!!
We are so happy that we got to celebrate your birthday! here at Shojin!
thanks again, Eric and Ratziel :D


Cooking Class on Jan 30th

As we announced, we are going to teach our secret recipe of....
so you get to make this mouth watering yummy seitan dishes at home!
and the class is...in English!
please call and reserve your spot!
(213) 617-0305


Happy Anniversary :) Akiko san and Richard san!!

Happy Anniversary!! you guys!
I wish I was there to make you guys the plate... :(
but hope you enjoyed your romantic dinner at Shojin!!



happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Kathy :)
Your beautiful smile made us very happy!!

scallopy dish (of course not scallop) that is going to be our reg. menu

Appetizer that we are thinking next....is Scallop!!
they are sooo good because of lemony, salty and crunchy
yet scallop-like chewy-ness (when they are cooked).

They were actually the petite appetizer for the x'mas course we did.
Everybody was talking good things about it so we wanted to add
this as our regular menu.

hope everything will be finalized after the long vacation...


We love you all :)

Tada san, noted animated illustrator, came here to
deliver his beautiful art work for us!!
It is so amazing to see the cartoon version of curry appetizer and all :)
We loved it sooo much (esp Ken!! he told me he had goose bumps when he saw this!)
thanks again!
and hope to see you soon.

Happy birthday! Natalie
hope you had a nice birthday dinner!


Shojin Schedule!

We are very sorry, but we will be closed on
Jan 11th (Monday) through Jan 13th (Wednesday)
We will be back on Jan 14th (Thursday)

and see you soon :)


A Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます!

The next cooking class (in English) is on the 30th of January!!
Fee $50
This time!! chef Kimiko will teach you how to make Seitan!!
and one dessert!
please visit our website for more information or call

A happy new year! the year of tiger :) 2010

Our special new year gozen is still available until 3rd (sunday)
so please come and try!