Customer pics!

Thank you for choosing us for your special dinner!!
We were very glad we could celebrate you guys.

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary☆


Shojin loves Native Foods!

Native Food's chef Tanya visited us the other day!
It was great to see you! Thank you very much for coming.
Hope to see you soon!!

Here is a photo of Tanya and our chef Jun:)


Customer pics!!

Thank you for choosing us for your special dinner!!

Hope you guys enjoy our meal, service and everything.

We're looking forward to seeing you guys again soon:)


Shojin's Valentin's Day

Thanks to our dear guests, our Valentine's course dinner was very very popular.
We really appreciate it and hope all of the guests enjoyed our cuisine, service, atmosphere and everything.

Thank you very much for choosing us for your special Valentine's dinner.

Here are some photos:)


Special Valentine's Menu!!

Shojin's Valentine's week will be full of LOVE, ART and MUSIC!!

And here are Valentine's specials!
Looks cute, delicious and sweet, but what are they!?

The details are coming soon:)

Customer pics!!

Here are our loyal customers!!

Thanks to them, their long-term support, we have been here for almost 4 years.
We truly cannot thank them enough.
We LOVE you guys!! 

She is an owner of Mary's Secret Garden. 
Check it out!!

Happy Birthday Cathy!!

Happy Birthday Emmett!!


The dessert for our Valentine's course!

Isn't it so cute??
Here is the dessert for our Valentine's course.
Super yummy vegan red velvet cake and flavory ROSE vanilla ice cream.

Red Velvet Cake and Rose Vanilla Ice Cream


The Entree for our Valentine's course!!

Here is the entree.

Next to "Oyster",  we'll offer "Sole"!!?
It's made out of lotus roots. One word, Amazing!

Fillet "Sole" Meuniere with White Mushroom Sauce

Vegetable "sole" fillet coated in whole wheat flour and pan-fried in soy margarine
served with shimeji mushroom white sauce, roasted brussels sprout and brown rice


The soup for our Valentine's course!

Here is the soup.

Maybe you guys know about it, because it is the same soup as what we offered on Thanksgiving day.
It was super delicious and everyone loved it, so we decided that we will offer it again for one of the biggest events of a year!!
If you didn't have it on Thanksgiving day, you should try this time!!

Shojin Style Onion Soup
Caramelized onions, miso and vegetables stock served with crispy brown rice.


The appetizer for our Romantic Valentine's course!!

We are so proud to announce that we are doing a Romantic Valentine's course dinner.

Here is the appetizer.

Oven Roasted Turnip Steak with Crispy Crumbled Tempeh
Oven roasted big piece of tender juicy turnip over spiced crumbled tempeh served with apple chutney

Doesn't it look delish?
It IS delicious!!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for choosing Shojin for your special dinner!

We were very glad we could celebrate your birthday.
Wish everyone good luck for the coming year as well☆

Happy Birthday!!