Dessert course prix fixe report ; )

Dessert course that we did last sunday was such a fun event!!

I really want to thank everybody who came to enjoy my
very first attempt to do the all dessert course!!
It was a great pleasure talking to you all!!
All the lovely comments and compliments made us decide that we are going to do
another one next month!!
I would love to show you the pictures of the five courses!!
First of all,
the dessert of the dessert:
orange flavored crepe with rum raisin rice cream (dark cherry
covered with chocolate tofu cream)

Tart Tatin with creme anglaise sauce

Marinated watermelon and strawberry with kalamata olive rice cream

Cold red berry soup with cinnamon baguette

Grand Marnier chocolate truffle
Apricot compote with chocolate cream and peach sauce
two kinds of miso cookies
Almond flavored creme brulee


Today's cooking class! report.

I finally got to join chef kimiko's cooking class today!
it was such a fun fun class!!
She made summery curry, chapati and hot spicy chai.
It was truly amazing and yummy!

Next one will be held on July 12th (sunday) 3PM-5PM
This one is going to be in English.
And we will have an another instructor, Vicky Valencia.

For more information,
please visit our website!!


dessert course prix fixe on 28th :O

My dessert course event is coming up pretty soon!
The picture above is cold red berry soup and mint sparkling water.
This is (of course) the soup for my course.

and the picture below is the watermelon and starawberry salad with
kalamata olives rice cream paired with red zing herbal tea.

these are going to be served on 28th!!
a few spaces are left :) please hurry and make a reservation!


vegan bake sale!!

our good friend and customer, Ashley is going to do

this amazing vegan bake sale!! this weekend!

for some technical difficulty, I couldn't put their poster on this post...


but all the details and informations are on their website (below) for everybody to look at.


11am-5pm at

5825 Franklin ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hosted by Locali


customer snapshot!!


customer snapshot!!

actually her name was Noreen...
I made this plate.... :(

sorry Noreen... it wasn't my intention to make such a huge mistake....

Farmer's market on June 25th

Our customer, Monica makes this yummy chocolate chip cookie!
She brought some here for us to taste.
And this coming thursday, she is going to be at the farmer's market to
sell these delicious vegan cookies!!

so please go and buy some!!
It is at Los Angeles city hall farmer's market!!
200 N Spring st. Los Angeles, CA


Picnic with art and our server, Ken's birthday!!

We just went to picnic to see our good friend & customer, Sarah!

She made this beautiful blanket to have a good picnic with.
It says, "Here comes the sun!"

She is a great artist!!
and of course, she has a lots of artists friends.
the picture below is her friends' piece that was hanged between the

and tomorrow is our Head server, Ken's birthday
so we had a little celebration there with another birthday boy :D

it was a nice afternoon!


father's day special course

It's father's day, isn't it??

We offer this special course for all the fathers and everybody!

Appetizers: (picture above)
Stuffed zucchini flower
Yuzu Daikon
Age dashi tofu

Creamy pumpkin soup

Soba noodle salad

Entree: (picture above)
Seitan pepper steak

Pumpkin flan

For all of this, it's only $35.00!!!
You can't miss it!
So please hurry and eat with us for your the father's day!!!


Dessert course prix fixe on 28th

I have to remind you again that we are having this event
Dessert Festival that offers you 5 gourmet courses of desserts.
not only the courses, but also the decadent pairing drinks.

(the pic above is only a image picture)
So I am going to tell you the details of the menu and all...soon!!!

June 28th sunday

$20 per person
12-3 pm

Please call to make a reservation!
Space has been filling up quickly :)


customer snapshot!!

Toby and his girlfriend.

Charlie, Ellie, Maud and Ken.


Sam and Dora :)

They came to dine with us 5 days in a row!!
Today is their last day, staying in LA.
So we won't see them for a while :(
Too sad....

In the end of this evening, we printed out this picture and gave it to them.
They really liked it. Little tears involved...

we had a great time with you.
Thank you very much, Sam and Dora.
See you next time!!


Customer snapshot!!

Vicky and Tina

Dancing Ellie !!
She did great job modeling for us :P
Cute smile :)

Happy birthday, Elias and Nadja !!!
They celebrated both of their birthday!
(OHHHH actaually today is my birthday as well :)

Triple happy birthday!!


customer snapshot!!

Sam and Dora!
They have been coming in 4 days in a row!!
They are writers☆

Cathaleen and David

Happy birthday! Jeannie!!


Save the date!!! June 28th. vegan & macrobiotic five course dessert prix fixe

vegan & macrobiotic five course dessert prix fixe

June 28th.  Sunday

First Ever!!  Never before seen!!

Using lots of summer fruits!

Shojin presents : all vegan and macrobiotic friendly Five course dessert prix fixe

No daily / No refined sugar / No chemical or additives or preservatives

This event will be a collision of artfully decorated pastries paired with distinctively unique bevarages.

Innaguaral price $20.00

Need reservation. Only 30 spots available. Will fill up fast!!

Please check out our website for more details ( www. theshojin.com )


New lunch combination!!! and customer snapshot :)

Our lunch menu is getting better and better!!
New combination, called "Sushi Combination" is now available!!
you can choose your favorite sushi roll and (soba) or (soup and okazu) or (soup and salad).
this is only $9.50!!

And also our bento box choices are expanded with new items, which are spicy tofu and chicken nuggets.

For the bowl combination, we added "spicy seitan bowl," "seitan cutlet curry bowl."
New New New!!

Group of beautiful ladies .


Macrobiotic cooking class by Kimiko chef!

This picture is from the last one that she held at Shojin.
This cooking class by her is only available in Japanese right now. So
if you are able to understand Japanese or have translator with you,
you should defenetely come out and learn how to cook healthy :) !!
The next one is coming up pretty soon.
June 28th (sunday) to be exact!!
so please call Shojin (213)617-0305
to get more detailed information!!


customer snapshot!!

Mary, Anne and Robert.  They are very fluent in Japanese!!
family visit!
cutest baby ever :)

Miki san and Stephano.

Happy birthday!  Ayelet.

Sarah, the artist :)

Sarah is one of our good customer who donated her great art pieces to Shojin.
She created this big piece of art, which is the first thing you see when you come in.
She also made a poster that is hanged on the girl's bathroom.  

Today, she came in to show us her new pieces.
They are the collaboration of her paintings and her friend who 
can trap some real flower inside of the pendant.  

Can you see the tiny tiny flowers inside of them?
They are sooooo cute!!