New rolls...

Yum roll and vegetable tempura rolls will be added to our
new sushi menu, I think...
they are crunchy and sweet!

Crimson Beet Tartar

Since this is a great hit from the Valentine's sp course,
We would like to add this to our new menu...
Crimson sweet beet, minty and sweet dressing... spiced almond
mmm....good stuff!


marinated and grilled seitan steak!

Just like the tempeh entree, it looks like we are going to have
new seitan steak entree!!
Doesn't this look good? juicy marinated sauce and herby butter...
on the well grilled yummy seitan! Delicious :)

love love shojin t-shirt

This love love t-shirt is designed by our artist, Sarah Williams.
Aren't they cute???
I am thinking about getting the pink one :)
These are on sale at Shojin!!

Sarah's lovely arts for Valentine's day are still on the wall!
hope everybody got to enjoy them!


new tempeh entree...

Since we haven't had a main dish made out of tempeh...
maybe you get to enjoy this lucious crispy tempeh dish next month!
I tasted it yesterday! It was very good (even to me who is not the a
fan of tempeh). A little spicy, but juicy with tomato sauce :)
The side of mushed potato is very interesting as well!!!
you have to try this!


Sausage II

Link sausage!
this is the sausage w/o dressed up...
herby and smoky...
It certainly doesn't look like vegan...however, it is!!!!

happy birthday! Dorothy :)

Happy Birthday! Dorothy!
thank you very much for coming!
please come again on your next birthday (and before that too)!


Link sausage

Even though this looks like a patty sausage, it is a link sausage...
Kimiko san made it round.
With yumy mushed potato and juicy gravy, it's heavenly :)
hope this will be our new...appetizer or entree...
who knows? We are trying everyday to create a couple handsful of
good vegan stuff for next month~!
cuz next month is.... our
2nd Anniversary!!!


This was the Valentine's sp course!

This is what we had for the Valentine's day spceial course!
Everything was tasty (so they say...)
It's all done now...but we still have this "love course for two"
until 28th of this month! Please come and try!!


Love more and more!

Sarah's arts are still here! please come and
enjoy them!
Also, We are having...
"Special Course For Two" $50

Please don't miss this opportunity! to give more and more love:)
For reservation, call (213)617-0305

Love! Shojin

Isn't this cute??? This is one of the art that a customer created
on the dining table, using our marker!!
Great message! We love it soooo much. But the thing is.... we don't really
know who wrote this! If any of you know, please tell us:)

whole tart

Well... I made this for Sarah's birthday party.
The bigger version of Orange cheese tart.
So if any of you want to celebrate your birthday, or any occasion
with Shojin's vegan cake, it is available.
need two wk advance though!


remember the emty wall...??

A couple posts ago...
I uploaded an empty wall of Shojin...
Now it is super cute, super lovely with Sarah William's Art,
"Love is in the Air!"
She created her pieces just for Valentine's day!
So please come and enjoy her art while you guys dine at Shojin
in the next two weeks!

thanks everybody!

thank you very much for coming to eat our (early) V-day Course:)
Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Birthday! sarah!!

Sarah celebrated her birthday tree times at Shojin :)
How lucky we are to have you as a good friend!


Empty Wall...

Please remember this, empty wall...
It is usually filled with local artist's pieces from the Earth works...
But now we emptied them out and...
you know what is going to happen, right???

Sarah's Birthday!

It was Sarah's birthday! yesterday!
She is the one who will the wall art for our Valentine's week!
She is such a sweet person, just like her art :)

Revealing the truth~V-day Salad

Crimson Beet Tartar with Mint Balsamic Dressing
For the Salad!
This is going to be the new sensation, I imagine :)
The seats are almost all the way filled up for the big night.
We still have a couple of seats left!
please hurry and call for more information


revealing the truth...appetizer...

Raspberry Yogurt Parfati with caramelized avocado and freshly roasted granola!
For the Valentine's day special courses' appetizer!!!
How's that???
Aren't they cute?
It's very very yummy and cute-y :)
call to reserve! (213)617-0305


Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! Liz ;D
She's got to celebrate her birthday with my18min chocolate cake!! yey!
thank you very much for coming!


Valentine's Day Special Course Menu

As we are saying...
We have a great menu that is ready for your
Valentine's day date night :D
(not only on 14th, but also you get to enjoy this on13th!!)
The menu below is super!
please call (213)617-0305 to reserve your seat!
Valentine's day is going to be the one of the busiest night of the year...
so in order to have a decent time... and all...Early reservation is
very important!

St. Valentine Special Course

Raspberry Yogurt Parfait with Caramelized Avocado & Fresh Roasted Granola

Mixed Mushrooms & Barley Chowder

Crimson Beet Tartar with Mint Balsamic Dressing

Lemon Pesto Seitan Steak with Orange Poppy Seed Sauce
Mashed Purple Yam & Savory Herb Gravy
Pan Seared Baby Bok Choy

“2 become 1”
Sparkling Wine Gelee on Top of Lemon Sorbet
Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake
Petite Choux with Various Tofu Cream

Coffee or Tea


Valentine's special course!

It is getting closer to the Valentine's day!
Hope everybody is ready to take your special someone for the
beautifully romantic date :)

Shojin is all about Valentine's day right now.
Chef Kimiko san is preparing and making samples of
special dishes to entertain you all!
(of course I am makind a great dessert as well :D
anyways, it is great to dine at shojin because our prix fixe is
great and the ambiance will be amazingly romantic ( I promise you!!!)
The seats are filling up! 7PM is very tight right now so please hurry to
reserve your seat! (213)617-0305 is the number to call!