Joyeux Anniversaire

Joyeux Anniversaire, Claire!!

It was a very first time for us to sing "happy birthday" in French!!
had a great time with you guys!!

hope to see you soon!!


Customer snapshot!!

Tada san with friends (artists)
Thank you very much for your reservation (I was really
glad :) by Ken)
and thank you for bringing your nice friends!!
Hope you enjoyed your stay! and please bring your drawing!
Everybody likes it!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing you guys next week and next our art show!!

Happy birthday, Jennette!!!
Thanks for coming to celebrate your 21st birthday with your great friends
Jill, Justin and Mike!! Please come back soon ;D


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!! Amy :D
thank you very much for coming from far away!!

Happy birthday!! Derek!
We loved everybody's drawing!! you guys are such artists!!

Happy birthday!! Kelli :D
thank you for coming!
and your big vegan cake !! wow >o<


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Joe :D

We got to celebrate with new version of Green Tea Moss Cake
(which, by the way, is our special course dessert of this week !!)

and thank you very much for your inspiration (by YOSHI)


customer snapshot!!

We had a great guests tonight!!
Awk and Kelli!!!!

have a good night:D


Johnny's birthday !!!!

Johnny's birthday yesterday!!
We got to celebrate him with my crepe :D yey~!!

We love you guys soooooooo much :)
see you soon!


yamaimo appetizer

This is a big hit!!
I loved it soooo much!!!
Yamaimo steak appetizer!!
Mountain potato slices pan fried and seasoned with soy margarine
soy sauce and black pepper

This is going to be our fall menu as well....

But you know what????
you get a little taste of it before the fall menu starts!
because this is appetizer for this wk's special course :)


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday Candace and Erin !
hope you ladies had a great time :)
see you soon!
Happy birthday! Kevin and Yuki!!
It's such a coincidence that you guys have a same birthday.
and it is very lucky to celebrate it together with all of your friends, isn't it??
Oh~ and Thank you for the cake! we enjoyed it!

Tanjyobi-omedeto (happy birthday) Steve!!
Kyo-ha, Arigato (Thank you for coming tonight).
Mata kitene! (come again:)


new dessert☆warm apple and raspberry crisp

Warm apple and raspberry crisp!!

This is going to be our fall menu :) Yey!
I made this tonight for the sample!
It was tangy and sweet at the same time!
served with cinnamon vanilla rice ice cream!!!


Vegan!! hand made Gyoza~pot sticker~

just like yesterday's Mojito, everybody here at Shojin is
creating something new everyday :)

Kimiko san decided to make some pot sticker today (even the
outer side of it is hand made!!) So it's all natural and organic!!
It is very moist and juicy inside out!!
We might try to put this on our fall menu!
So please wait until then♪


new drink! three flavors of Mojito :)

Our server, Ken (who is the creator of our special drinks)
invented Shojin style Mojito today :)

Everybody want a taste of refreshing Mojito, right?
He made..
Regular Mojito
Orange flavored Mojito
Cranberry Mojito!!

Oh, don't get me wrong. We are not using actual rum though...
We are making them with lots of flavors and love :)
And it is very very stylish as well!


customer's drawing on the wall :)

Tada san! (our regular :D)

Congratulations!! on your anime illustration award!!
Tada san came here to celebrate the award right after
the award party.

thank you so much! and congrats!

***We are encouraging all our customers to draw on the table paper.
please ask server to bring you the coloring pen!!


new dessert☆baked sweet potato cake

Since our new big seller, sweet potato and carrot cheesecake was
really complicated, I decided to remake it simpler,
using only sweet potato and a little bit of orange.

It's improved and you can enjoy deeper flavor of sweet potato :)
hope everybody can get to try them!!!



Congratulations!! on your baby boy :D
Ryo san !!
She is having a baby boy in 4 mos!! yey~!!

Since we offer natural and organic (no chemicals!!) foods,
She doesn't have to worry about anything here!!!!!!

see you soon! and please bring your baby someday :)

customer snapshot!!

Happy birthday! Lisa!!
and Thank you very much everybody :)
hope you guys enjoyed everything!!
Jennifer and Antonia
thank you for coming!
come back soon :D

and Thank you all for being our wonderful regular customers!!
We love you so much!
hope to see you again!


customer snapshot!!

Thank you for coming again!! Dana family :D
see you soon!!

Happy birthday!! Jose!!
Jose is the chef of Seed :)
Thank you very much for coming and celebrate your birthday today!


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Dominique ;)

Thank you very much for coming and let us sing
birthday song for you !!!!!
(and thank you for accepting our secret mission :)
see you tomorrow!


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Sudeep!!!
He tried my new dessert, creme brulee for his birthday!

hope you enjoyed it :)
thank you very much for coming!!


happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Marcy !!

Thank you for coming to Shojin :D


new dessert☆creme brulee

My dessert menu is in a process of changing :)
I added Creme brulee this time!!
I didn't add any special flavor this time,
but I used a lots of organic vanilla beans!!

Creme brulee is simple and traditional dessert, yet very amusing!
Just like Aamelie,
I love love to tap the hard caramel on top the brulee with spoon!!
You don't have to give up on that fun part just because you don't
eat eggs or cream (which are the main ingredients for the original recipe!)
Cuz We make it all the way with vegan/macrobiotic ingredients.
come and try :D


customer snapshot!!

Detox rey!!
thank you very much for your detox!!
and thank you for your kind message!
we will see you again soon!
Teruki san and Maiko san!
Teruki san is visiting from Japan!
It's sooo nice to see you again!

Thank you thank you very much for coming from Philadelphia!
to see us!!
by xoxo you friend in LA!!!


this week's special course!!

I think this week's special course is soooooo good!!
Everything is my favorite :D
Can't miss it!!!!

Pumpkin Soboro
Simply simmered sweet kabocha pumpkins mixed with seasoned ground homemade
seitan and string beans.
Soup du Jour
Soup of the day. Please ask your server!
Sesame Broccoli Salad
Blanched broccoli and carrot with greens tossed in sesame pepper dressing.
Hamburg Steak with Yuzu Ponzu Sauce
Pan-fried homemade veggie-burgs with yuzu citrus soy sauce,
Scallions, kaiware sprouts and shiso leaves. Served with brown rice.

and then...
of course, my special dessert!!

Yellow Peach Parfait
Peach rice ice cream with lots of peach chunks and peach compote
on top of the crashed multi-grain bar.