Birthday Guests!

Did you guys have a great birthday dinner?

Thank you for coming to shojin on your special day.

Happy Birthday!!


Thank you for a great message

Thank you for a great message to us.

We really appreciate it.

Birthday Guests!

Thank you for having your birthday party at shojin!

Wish you guys be very happy for the coming year as well☆

Happy Birthday dear Karen-san♡


Finally!! Gluten free Ramen&Dynamite roll!

We'll offer many GLUTEN FREE dishes from dinner time on Oct 1st.

Amazingly, GLUTEN FREE Miso Ramen and Dynamite roll will be on the menu!!

You guys should come and taste it :D

Customer pics!

Thank you for coming to shojin!!

Good smiles:)

Hope to see you guys soon!


YUMMY!! New sushi & ramen

Here are our new sushi rolls and ramen noodles.

Two of new sushi rolls are GLUTEN FREE!!

Everything is Amazing! Yummy!!


HURRY!! Get a FREE New Sushi Roll!

We made it!
New Sushi, Ramen and shojin Sake Cocktail
 are on the menu now.

Then only for the first week,
we will offer a new sushi roll for free
to the first 5 parties each day!!

9/19, 20, 21, 22
Monday through Thursday only.

Pirates of the Crunchy

 Mother's Soul  (Gluten FREE!)

 Rock Mountain

 Kale Carnival  (Gluten FREE!)

Click here to see menu on our website.

We will be offering the FREE sushi only for customers
who check our blog, newsletter or Twitter.

So please mention "New Sushi".

It would be good chance to taste it.

*Limit one per table per visit with each person's order
*Dine in only


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday guys!

We hope you guys had a great birthday dinner with us.


Happy Anniversary!!

Thank you choosing shojin on your special day!!


May you guys be very HAPPY for the coming year!


Customer pics!

☆Happy Birthday☆

Wish you guys be happier for the coming year:)

Thank you for coming to shojin!


After 10pm only! Another special offer

A special offer for late night
9/12, 13, 14, 15
Monday through Thursday, after 10pm only!
 Very NEW shojin sake cocktail,
appetizer and sushi roll
for only $20!! 
We will offer 10 kinds of NEW cocktails from today!

You can get one of them,
Appetizer: Shishito Pepper
Sushi: Dynamite Roll or Dragon Roll
for only $20.

 *Only for customers who enter after 10pm
*Dine in only

3 Course Pre-Fix Menu Only for Happy Hour!!

Early Happy Hour

9/12, 13, 14, 15
Monday through Thursday, until 6pm only!

3 Course Pre-Fix Menu

 Appetizer, Salad and Sushi roll for only $20!!
Don't miss it!

The menu is as follows.


Barbecued Seitan
Spicy Shiso Tempra


Orange Kale Salad
Kale Caesar Salad with BBQ Tempeh


Dynamite Roll
Dragon Roll

 *Only for customers who enter until 6pm
*Dine in only


Customer pics!

Here are our dear guests' photos!

Thank you for choosing shojin for your special dinner :)

Happy Birthday Barbara!

Happy Birthday Sarah!

We're looking forward to seeing you guys soon :)