mother's day special course!!

This weekend!
We are having a mother's day special course.
The theme will be "deep green! "(since it is early summer time :)

We are offering this course on...
8th(Fri) 9th(Sat) Dinner time
10th (Sun) Lunch and Dinner

$35 per person
Appetizer: Tempeh canape
Appetizer II: Vegan sushi
Soup: Edamame Vichyssoise
Salad: Avocado, tomato and grapefruit salad
Entrees: Asparagus penne
Desserts: Fruit tart and key lime rice cream

This is the best and yummiest (and of course) healthiest prix fixe yet!
I am pretty sure that your mom will be very happy and will be impressed with your thoughtful choice of the specical treatment!
And this doesn't have to be only for mom! Anybody can enjoy this deliciousness!

Reserve your seat as soon as possible! Spaces are limited!

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