this week's special course!!

I think this week's special course is soooooo good!!
Everything is my favorite :D
Can't miss it!!!!

Pumpkin Soboro
Simply simmered sweet kabocha pumpkins mixed with seasoned ground homemade
seitan and string beans.
Soup du Jour
Soup of the day. Please ask your server!
Sesame Broccoli Salad
Blanched broccoli and carrot with greens tossed in sesame pepper dressing.
Hamburg Steak with Yuzu Ponzu Sauce
Pan-fried homemade veggie-burgs with yuzu citrus soy sauce,
Scallions, kaiware sprouts and shiso leaves. Served with brown rice.

and then...
of course, my special dessert!!

Yellow Peach Parfait
Peach rice ice cream with lots of peach chunks and peach compote
on top of the crashed multi-grain bar.

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