sneak preview!! Hallloween special course

This is my favorite so far. 
mixed green, cucumber, mixed sea vegetable, tofu, raisins and 
of course! pumpkin dressing :)
how unusual is that?!!?
But in the end, it makes sense all together :) very sweet and creamy.

So as you guessed, we are doing halloween special course on the weekend of
halloween!!!! (10/30 and 10/31)
Need reservation! please call (213) 617-0305 

Because this is a very unique, one and only pumpkin special course!
From appetizer through Entree, chef Kimiko is using 5 different kinds of pumpkins and
And I will add some delicious pumpkin desserts to finish the course :D
hopefully all of you will get to enjoy them! can't wait!!


  1. will the Halloween special course be the only option on those nights?

  2. Dark colored leafy veggies are known to have a wide range of nutrients. Eating such food is good for digestion and brings out all essential nutrients our body requires.
    The Right Place. The Right Time

  3. no, not at all!
    We have reg. menu as well, except the weekly special course.
    the course is only the halloween special and it is limited in #'s
    so please hurry and reserve the course!