Christmas Special Course~2009 version~

Happy Merry Christmas!! to everybody!!!

This is what we are offering (until 27th) as our special x'mas course
Aperitif: Cranberry Apple Champagne
Appetizers: Lemon Seared Eryngii Mushroom on Lotus Chip
Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Vegan Parmesan
Bite-sized Donut on Vegetable Curry Sauce
Soup: Potato Leek Soup with Fresh Thyme
Salad: Caramelized Persimmon and Pecan Salad
Entrees: Tempeh Loaf with Tomato Demi-glace Sauce
Grilled Seitan Steak Marinaded with Garlic Herb Butter
and Brown Rice with Almonds
Dessert: Lemony Buche de Noel with Snowman Ice Cream

and you can end your meal by organic coffee or tea

Yum!! of course my snowman is such a cute little thing! but the
highlight is the grilled seitan with the herbal garlic butter!!

You can still eat this course until 27th. please call (215)617-0305


  1. Thank you guys for a wonderful Christmas dinner! You guys kept me from feeling lonely on Christmas :)

    And the snowman was the most adorable dessert *ever* ^___^

  2. One of my favorite meals at Shojin this year. And the snowman was hilarious! We almost felt bad eating him, almost...

  3. hi, everybody!!
    thanks, Sabjimata!!
    love to see you again!

    Cermet Kirameku :)
    thanks for coming. we were glad that you didn't have to feel lonely :D
    see you soon!

    Chino Loco!
    Hey!! thank you so much! sorry that I couldn't say hi...
    I am sooooo glad that you liked snowman!