Valentine's Day Special Course Menu

As we are saying...
We have a great menu that is ready for your
Valentine's day date night :D
(not only on 14th, but also you get to enjoy this on13th!!)
The menu below is super!
please call (213)617-0305 to reserve your seat!
Valentine's day is going to be the one of the busiest night of the year...
so in order to have a decent time... and all...Early reservation is
very important!

St. Valentine Special Course

Raspberry Yogurt Parfait with Caramelized Avocado & Fresh Roasted Granola

Mixed Mushrooms & Barley Chowder

Crimson Beet Tartar with Mint Balsamic Dressing

Lemon Pesto Seitan Steak with Orange Poppy Seed Sauce
Mashed Purple Yam & Savory Herb Gravy
Pan Seared Baby Bok Choy

“2 become 1”
Sparkling Wine Gelee on Top of Lemon Sorbet
Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake
Petite Choux with Various Tofu Cream

Coffee or Tea

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