Sincere Apologies

I think the news letter this morning...was meant to be funny...but it really made a bit of chaos.
We are not going to close our restaurant!!
We are fine!
There are tons of people out there who care about us and write to us how sad they were...when they saw the news letter...
So I want to apologize...
But at the same time, a lot of people let us know how much they love us! I'd love to introduce some of their voices cuz they are so inspiring and encouraging!!!
I love you guys even MORE now!!!
"Ha ha. I was about to pack up my 5 kids and rush down for a final meal!
Thank goodness u r not closing...,..."
"Wow, it scared me! I have not got much time to come by recently since I just gave birth to a baby boy, but I always recommend friends about your place! We will come to visit with our baby soon, so please stay open!"

"I'm so glad that this was an April fools joke, because I would have been soooo sad if Shojin closed, it's my boyfriends and my favorite restaurant ever! Thank you for making the best vegan food ever, and I can't wait to come eat at "New Shojin" :)"
"hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! you TOTALLY freaked me out!!!!! so glad today is april fools day!!! :) :) :) "
There were many more e-mails that I saw!! Thank you every one of you who wrote us!
We are so lucky to have you!!
hope to see you soon! with sincre apologies and many many thanks!

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