New Year's Special!!

Of course We have New Year's Special Menu too!!!

It's gonna be healthy food!!
and "Mochi" comes with it in dessert!!

We open 12pm-10pm
If you make reservation, it is easier to be seated!!

we also have regular menu as well.

2011 New Year Special Go-Zen



玄米餅のけんちん雑煮 / Brown Rice Mochi & Vegetable Soup

テンペ松風焼き / Pan-fried Tempeh w/Sweet Miso Sauce

ふろふき大根 / Long Simmered Daikon Radish

レンコンの梅酢漬け / Ume Pickled Lotus Root

甘栗とかぼちゃのきんとん / Sweet Kabocha Pumpkin & Chestnut Ball

玄米御飯とごま塩 / Brown Rice w/Sesame Sea salt

白玉ぜんざい / Japanese Sweets“Shiratama Zenzai”


A Happy New Year !!

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  1. Can you do that without using oil so its healthy and not fatty?