☆new items and new hours☆

If you got some love for hot spicy food, we have good news!
Starting Feb 1st, we added quite a few new items.

I especaily high-lighted these spicy dishes.
Well, first one is...Shishito (Japanese hot pepper) appetizer.
It is lightly fried and seasoned with scallion soy sauce.
it's very simple, casual and mouth watering.

The next one is Spicy Tofu Don. The tofu is well marinated with secret delicious sauce, and then deep fried with our unique tempera batter. YUM!!

We are excited to introduce the new items that can spice up this Febuary's big love event!

Changing Business Hours:
Monday through Friday
Lunch 11:30am~2:30pm
Dinner 5:00~10:00pm
Saturday and Sunday
for more information, please visit our website


  1. FINALLY! Some spicy items! The next time I come back I'll try the tofu don for sure! Can't wait~

  2. My friend and I come every week (at least when we have the money to D:) and our favorite part is always the dessert, but she would always wish that there was something spicy. I'm not a big fan of spicy things, but she's going to bounce off the walls when she finds out :p

    Being a poor college student sucks, but we'll definitely come check it out once I get paid.

  3. Thank you guys! for the comment!

    I definitely tell my chef to come up with more spicy stuff:)

    see you soon!