Kanpyo~our sushi menu is going to expand!

Since the day we welcomed our new crew member who has studied sushi in Japan,
we wanted to add some new items to our popular vegan sushi menu.

He came up with the idea of Kanpyo, which I don't believe is very popular here in So-cal.
Kanpyo is one of few things that my city, Tochigi, is famous for.
It is dried strips of Calabash, a type of Gourd. (above: He is cutting it by measuring with his hand.)
Then, for a long time, he simmers them with a perfectly seasoned broth.
After a long wait, it becomes a sushi roll...

Oye! It was a masterful piece.

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  1. Konnichi-wa Gogovegan,

    Kanpyo Sushi sounds delicious. :) Is it on the menu already? Thanks.

  2. it is!! on the menu right now!!
    a lot of people come and ask for them lately.

    so I guess I will see you soon!!