Vegan? Macrobiotic? the answer is SHOJIN

I work at a restaurant, called Shojin as a pastry chef.

The restaurant opened last year so it is fairly new.
As a big fan of Shojin myself, I wanted to start this blog to communicate with the fans of Shojin and, moreover, to let the world know of the existence of this fabulous restaurant that can open up a whole new perspective about food and health.

The pic that I uploaded above is the Chandelier in our restaurant. My boss (the owner) told me yesterday that he wanted to put a chandelier and fireplace in to make the restaurant homie and cozy. Not only that, I think the restaurant is a great date spot (as we have seen by the reviews from Yelpers!!) because the service they offer is 5 star quality.

This is a blog about my experience there.
And I would love to share the life of Shojin.

Monday thru Sunday
11:30am through 10:00pm
(will be changed in Feb 1st)

333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310 (Little Tokyo Shopping Center 3F)Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213-617-0305
Email: shojin-info@theshojin.com

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