Shojin's 2nd birthday!!!

March 5th is very important date for shojin...
Shojin was born on that day...and grew slowly but surely...
cuz of you ;)
To show our appreciation, we are thinking about
1. Creating more and more new menus (they are coming pretty soon)
2. Special Course (starting 3/15th~) with great price!
You get to choose one Appetizer from our appetizer menu, one Entree from our entree menu, and also one dessert from our dessert menu. (plus small salad or small soup). this course is going to be an customer appreciation price, (which means...it's bargain!!!!! ;P)
And for the people who reserve this course in advance, we are preparing a very very special shojin gift!! I can't tell you what it is yet, but this is going to be specutacular as well!
(213)617-0305 is the number to call!

*****The wall arts by Sarah William will continued to be on the Shojin's wall throughout March! Love is still in the air! please come and see them!******

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