We (except me...) had a study meeting the other day!!
we do occasionally, have a little study group to discuss about how
our foods are made...and all...
Since we need a lot more spcecial knowledge about our menu.

And not just talking!! we get to eat a great stuff meal!!
The vegan/macrobiotic pizza that were served this day...
Asparagus, homemade sausage, basil, special pizza sauce & vegan cheese
Spinach & Vegan Mozzarella
Mixed mushrooms, special pizza sauce & vegan cheese

mmm...I wasn't there... :( to taste these yumminess!!
The pasta was...
Vegetables with Herb Butter

mmm...is this a torture????
Yakisoba is my fav stuff meal!!!

But anyways, that's how we learn!

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  1. Looks yummy! My wife has issued you a challenge: vegan Okonomiyaki!!!