Dessert course prix fixe report ; )

Dessert course that we did last sunday was such a fun event!!

I really want to thank everybody who came to enjoy my
very first attempt to do the all dessert course!!
It was a great pleasure talking to you all!!
All the lovely comments and compliments made us decide that we are going to do
another one next month!!
I would love to show you the pictures of the five courses!!
First of all,
the dessert of the dessert:
orange flavored crepe with rum raisin rice cream (dark cherry
covered with chocolate tofu cream)

Tart Tatin with creme anglaise sauce

Marinated watermelon and strawberry with kalamata olive rice cream

Cold red berry soup with cinnamon baguette

Grand Marnier chocolate truffle
Apricot compote with chocolate cream and peach sauce
two kinds of miso cookies
Almond flavored creme brulee


  1. Chie, you did such an amazing job! This all sounds and looks spectacular and I bet it tasted even better. I can't wait until the next one, I'll definitely be there!

    Seriously, the crepe! The tart! The creme brulee! Holy crap. You are queen of awesome.

  2. hey! Ashley!!

    I wish that you were to taste all of these!!
    the next one is going to be on 25th of July so make sure to
    reserve you spot soon :)

    and thank you ; ) for calling me "queen of awesome." I love that!!