Sam and Dora :)

They came to dine with us 5 days in a row!!
Today is their last day, staying in LA.
So we won't see them for a while :(
Too sad....

In the end of this evening, we printed out this picture and gave it to them.
They really liked it. Little tears involved...

we had a great time with you.
Thank you very much, Sam and Dora.
See you next time!!


  1. We really enjoyed our dining experiences at The Shojin while we were here for the 2nd Annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary festival at the Japanese American National Museum. Both of us were so emotionally moved by the framed / monogrammed photo that was given to us on our last day! We will be back sooner than any of us could think. It was so nice that Tsuguhiro came to our table at each meal and addressed any issues we had, especially about the sea salt used in our meals. Please check Sam's blog at http://blasianexchangesanovel.blogspot.com starting Wednesday morning for more comments about our dining experience.

    Take Care,

    Sam Cacas & Dora Love

  2. thanks again!
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon :)
    It was our pleasure to serve you!!

  3. I wanted to thank you personally for the special attention you paid to my dietary needs. Plus, it tasted delicious. I was so emotionally moved by your jesture of giving us a photo of our last visit. I will always cherish our stay in Los Angeles. The superb dining experience almost made me wish that I didn't have to go back to San Francisco. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    Best wishes and prosperity,

    Dora Love

  4. hi Dora!!!

    Thank YOU!! for loving our restaurant soooo much and
    coming back again and again to try new things.
    We also was moved by you and Sam's warm hearts and kind words.

    hope to see you very soon!

  5. Wow...this is great! What wonderful customer service. We'll definitely check out this place the next time we go to LA.

  6. Hello, Sandra!!

    hope to see you soon!