Barbara and Emmett

Our fabulous customers!!
Barbara and Emmett!!

They are very nice and gave me a lot of supportive words and compliments
on my desserts :)

And moreover, they gave me some ideas and input for new desserts that I am preparing
for the summer menu.

(This is confidential ; ) ....but we are planning on doing some dessert event this month.
so hopefully I'd love to perfect green tea flan and mango dessert that they suggested!)

thanks, Barbara and Emmett!!


  1. Green tea flan sounds amazing! Homygoshpleasedothat. Can't wait to hear more on the event!

    (This is Ashley/fughawzi on a different account) Did you guys know about this: veganearthday.org ? We are doing our bake sale booth there (veganbakesale.org). I was wondering if maybe you'd be interested in donating a dessert for us to sell? I'm going to talk you guys up a ton. I think I might have a dedicated Shojin flier to hand out, haha. What is your favourite dessert?

  2. Hey ashley!
    I would talk more about this bake sale/donation with you.
    so please email us!! so we can set up some time to
    talk further.
    and we will be very happy if you could hand out our flier :)

    talk to you soon!

  3. Hi again!

    Sent you guys an email! I think we're going to have a mini meet up at Shojin on the 18th. I'm excited! Look forward to seeing you soon!