Best Menu of July by Customer Orders

Here are the best sales menu items by orders in July. Please check if your favorite items are listed.

Best Lunch Menu

Bento Box 9.95

The most favorite choices:
Hamburg Steak
Pumpkin Croquette

Best Appetizer

Pumpkin Croquette 5.95
#2 was "Yuzu" Ponzu Seitan 6.95.

Best Salad

Tempra Avocado Salad 6.25

Best Sushi

Caterpillar Roll 9.95/half 6.50

Best Soba

Spicy Tofu Soba 9.95

Best Pasta

Green Pesto Spaghetti 12.95

Best Entree

Orange Tempeh & Vegetables 11.95

Best Dessert

Tiramisu 5.95

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