Earth Works02 is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day of the party!

In addition to the finger food included in the price of admission, we also have some items for sale.
It's not going to be the regular menu, but we prepared some things.

A couple of items are just for Earth Works.

I, myself created a special baked good, called "caramelized apple cake."
hope to see lots of people there tomorrow!


  1. I hope the party goes well! I wish we lived closer to your restaurant, it is my favourite of all time.

    The Orange Creme Bavaroise looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to try it!

    I'm really looking forward to coming to the cooking class. I hope you guys will also be having one on desserts someday.

    And my two year vegan anniversary is in March as well, so we'll be coming up probably three times that month to celebrate with you. Woo for Shojin!

    This is a long and strange post, sorry.

  2. I wish you live close by too!!
    you are such a great friend to us!

    congrats on your vegan anniversary!
    we will have a lots of events and specials coming up! we are so glad that we get to celebrate such a great occasion with you.

    And your comment is not long and strange! Thank you for your kind words and love for shojin. It is very very encouranging!!

  3. This is Tsugu. ; )
    Thank you joining our sushi class.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you.
    Let's celebrate together!!