Umeboshi~☆pickled ume fruits☆

So Ms. Kimiko suceeded in making this marvelous Umeboshi!!
It has been pickled for 9 mos!!! not to mention, we used ORGANIC ume!!

It is better to explain with wiki's words than mine, I thought.
So I'm putting some excerts from their site about Umeboshi.
"The citric acid acts as an anti bacterial, helps to increase saliva production and assists in the digestion of rice. In addition, the citric acid is said to combat fatigue and protect against aging."

If you are Japanese, you cannot live without it.
We, at shojin, eat it with tea sometimes to get over a bad cold... and so on.
But even if you are not Japanese or sick, you can enjoy this as a natural medicine
or secret flavoring for your Japanese cooking.

And this is for sale!!
We bottled only 7 jars.
It is going to be $30.00 per bottle.

If you are interested, please ask us!!

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