Mary's Secret Garden in Ventura

oh no~!!
I missed seeing all these great gals from Ventura again!!
Michelle (who's in the center) is a pastry chef at Mary's Secret Garden (great vegan restaurant in Ventura county). She brought her cousins, Kerry and Shoshana to celebrate Kerry's birthday at Shojin!

I heard all kinds of good things from my boss about them!

But I was off... :(

I just went to Michelle's website that my boss sent me!
She does pretty amazing stuff with vegan and organic ingredients!!

Reading the introduction of Chef Michelle, I learned she has made a cake for Ellen DeGeneres and Desparate Housewives!! How cool is that!!
But her work is not only for celebs, you can enjoy it at:

Mary's Secret Garden
100 S. First St. Ventura, CA 93001

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