Valentine's day

It was such a great night for us all.
There were tons of happy couples who came to celebrate their special day with us.
Thank you!
We LOVE you all~♪
I forgot to take a couple of pics, such as our Aperitif (Cranberry with apple sparkling soda),
3pc mountain potato and plum sushi, and organic coffee (or tea).
But I took pictures of most of them!
They were well recieved by our beloved customers.
(3 layered vegetable terrine with wasabi mayo)

(Carrot and Califlower soup)

(Mixed greens and roasted tomato with balsamic dressing)

(Cordon Bleu Seitan with Ratatouille)

(Hamburg steak with mushroom sauce)

(Desserts: red berry Gelee with raspberry tofu cream, Gateau
chocolat with soy whip, Sesame ice cream with sesame tuille)
It was a very busy and exciting night!!
I only got to see some of our customers, but I couldn't be happier to feel the heat and to hear joyous laughter from the dining room!!


  1. this was the best soup ever!

  2. Thank you Lex, Kat!!

    I was hoping to see you, Lex! maybe next time!!

    we made the biggest batch of the soup ever in the history of shojin! I am glad that you like it!

  3. I LOVED the terrine and the Gateau chocolate... I'm drooling just thinking about it xD

    And thank Ken again for us! Aishlin and I were talking about the music and wondering if we could buy a cd of it from you guys, but Ken read our minds and burned one :D (and he gave us super yummy cookies too!)

  4. it was amazing!! wheres the picture of ashkahn and i??

  5. Cermet Kirameku,
    thank you!! hopefully, I'd love to add that gateau chocolat for our reg menu!

    Ken...is famous for being psychic!!

    Hey, Heather!
    thank you for coming!
    I will update your photo on my next post!