the Healthiest mixed drink ~Farmer's market II

This is another episode of Shojin Farmer's market story where our legendary famous mixed drink come from...

Detox...Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from body.


We can read about how great this "Raw cane super juice" is from their website.

Anyways, we get this super juice from our good friends, Rey and her husband every Sunday along with vegetables at the farmer's market.

It contains some special ingredients such as ginger and cayenne pepper.

(pic below is Rey's hubby who is about to juice a cane)

At Shojin, the swankster server, Ken came up with 4 ways to enjoy this drink.

Organic Cranberry detox

Organic Apple cranberry

Organic Apple

water/Green tea

I had it yesterday with Apple cranberry!! Mmmm....

Delicious with a kick of heat!

This is the healthiest drink which will give you a boost of energy!!

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