Orange Creme Bavaroise~my new creation


I have to announce this...

I have added a new dessert menu.

It is called

"Orange Creme Bavaroise" Yey~!!!

People seem to love it.

Since it is citrus time, I wanted to use some oranges from my backyard. (which is totally organic)

It is a combination of tangy and soy-creamy bavaroise and fresh orange with bittersweet chocolate sponge cake.

It tastes incredibly healthy and refreshing...

pic below) Heather is one of the first one to taste the sample.

If you want to be pretty like her, this is it! you have to try the new dessert :)

for more information and menu, please visit our website


  1. Aishlin and I tried it on friday when we came for dinner [along with the mint chocolate chip ice cream which she couldn't live without ;)] It was definitely delicious, the variety of flavors really made it unique. It might be my new favorite, except I love all the desserts too much to pick any one over the others ^_^

  2. Thank you!! Cermet Kirameku!

    so Friday...huh? I wasn't there...too bad!
    but thanks again for trying and giving me a great compliment!