Live music performer for Matsuri

Mr. Kanda

He is coming to perform with his guitarist for the 29th.

His songs are Jazzy and mellow, and his CD is often played in Shojin.

His new album, "Belmonnt Shore" often gets compliments from the customers.

This album was great because a lot of his friends, LA's famous Jazz musicians, joined him; Michael Paul (Sax), Dean Taba (Bass), Osama Afifi (Bass).

Marc Gasway

He is doing Guitar Solo.

He has played in King Kay, Knitting factory in NY.

has done movie and documentary sound tracks, such as SXSW and Tribeca...

Currently, he is studying Bass/recording/orchestration at the LA music Academy.

So they are coming to play for us.

And moreover, we are in the process of getting Japanese traditional dance performer to show the piece...and all.

Please join us! on the 29th!!

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