What is Seitan???

Long long ago, Chef Kimiko had an interview with Zen Evolution TV!!
For that, she made a Bento box with Seitan Katsu and BBQ Seitan.
It is very fascinating to watch her make it!
And also Ms. Stacey Kumagai has a great article on Shojin and our food!
So you must check it out in order to see how we prepare our seitan in our little kitchen!

You can visit the website:

or go straight to see our Chef Kimiko:

On the 22nd, Chef Kimiko will be on the air with Vegan Radio Show! Please tune your radio to 1150AM.
It starts 10am. She will talk about our one year anniversary blast on the 29th!!


  1. I love your restaurant but unfortunately eat there rarely because I live on the east coast! I'm curious about your tofu cheese, is it something you make yourselves? It's so good!

  2. hi, there!

    thank you very much for loving us!!
    we love you too :)
    it is too bad that you live far away!!

    and Yes! we do make those Tofu cheese here in our kitchen.
    right now, we don't have it on the menu (which I don't know why...cuz everybody love it!!)
    I have to talk to my boss to revive tofu cheese!!

    hope to see you someday soon!

  3. Great video. Seitan is so much more versatile than I ever expected. I just find that my non-veggie friends are a bit turned off by the texture. So tasty.

  4. Green Tea Cake looks awesome where can I get it at. I live up north.