March is a super celebration month!

March is a very special month for Shojin.
They are going to be one year old!
To celebrate and show our appreciation for our beloved customers,
we have came up with special events, such as
1st Anniversary dinner course menu for $19.95 (5 dishes) during this month
sushi cooking class on 22nd and...

MATURI~1st anniversary party, which is going to be a big deal for everybody who loves and supports Shojin!!!
March 29th (sunday) 5~10pm
Vegan Sushi bar and buffet.
Japanese traditional attractions and live bands are there to create a festive mood!!

I will post more details as our ideas and menu are going to be concrete.

hope everybody will be there to see the Shojin extravaganza :)

this is our staff meal the other day,
My boss was trying out some new sushi rolls for the event.
If any of you who has an idea what to put into the sushi...etc...
please let me know! My boss is capable of rolling anything :)

My fave of the staff meal sushi was...maybe sauteed eringi with vegan mozzarella!


  1. We are making reservations tomorrow!!! See you on the 29th!

  2. Oh actually, we don't really need a reservation for 29th.
    Matsuri is a casual buffet style party.
    Please bring a lots of friends and have a fun with us.

    For the sushi bar, we are inviting a great chef, Mr. Katsuhiro Tamashiro who was a former executive sushi chef at Four season hotel. This is going to be a very first vegan sushi bar in LA!! And there will be more entertainments and attractions!!

    The details will be posted on this blog and home page so come back again!