New dessert items (that I forgot to mention)

Right after valentine's day, we added new dessert items to our menu.
Above) roasted sesame ice cream with sesame tuile.

A lot of customers who ate it at the valentine's course raved about this sesame ice cream so much.
That made me feel super good~☆

Below) Classic Gateau chocolat with chocolate sauce and soy whip cream.

Personally, I like to eat them both at the same time... :P


  1. Mmmm... Aishlin and I ordered both of them and they were delicious!!

    Hopefully we'll be able to come back soon and try out your anniversary dinner deal ^__^
    We're both really, really excited!

  2. Cermet Kirameku!
    Thank you soooo much for trying them out!

    and yes yes! we are excited as well.
    I am trying to invent new desserts for it right now!
    hope to see you there!