Running with Veggie Oil

Bruce, his wife and his friends came to shojin the other day to celebrate his birthday!
Happy Birthday, Bruce!!

While he is a great customer to us, there's something unique about his car!!
He owns this spectacular car that runs by veggie oil (and not just veggie oil, but used oil from our kitchen!!)
He comes regularly to pick them up.
We are so glad to contribute something to the environment!
I know our oil is much cleaner than any other restaurant's because we only fry vegetable, but then we have to get rid of the old dirty oil eventually.

Back of his car, I found a sticker.

Saying, "Gas Sucks"

Their site said,
"La Bio Cars Specialized in the reduction of your carbon footprint from converting your car to run on cleaner and cheaper fuel."

his wife told me that
the name tag "Veggie" was customized!! how cute!!

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