Sushi class~22nd is coming up!

(Dragon Roll)

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to make a real vegan sushi rolls from Japanese sushi chef!

3/22/09 Sunday
This includes not only hands-on sushi making, but also learning how to cook artisan brown rice and insanely yummy miso soup!
End of the class, you get to enjoy some desserts and drinks!

A few spots are left! So please make a call and save a spot for yourself!! (213)617-0305

(Caterpillar Roll)


  1. Aaa~ It looks soo yummy :D
    I really wish I wasn't broke D:

  2. Hey, Cermet Kirameku!

    oh no~!
    you can't make it this time, huh??
    but there's always a next time, right? ;)
    hope to see you soon.