Tomorrow! is the day of Matsuri!!

Tomorrow, we are going to close for Lunch to prepare for the big day!

It's been a long journey...(and still is for us Shojin members).
Yesterday, our little tiny oven exploded...couldn't make my desserts the way I planned... :(
But now It seems like it's fixed...so I have to do the last push!
It is going to be a long long night....heheh
I am super excited though! love to see and take a lot of pictures of our beloved customers!

And don't forget! Cash only (for the admission, extra drinks and little games and trinkets)
Cover charge for adults $20
kids between 4~10 yrs old $12
Children under 3 yrs old is free

Love to see you all


  1. So excited!

    I'm sorry about your oven, but I'm glad its fixed now. I can't wait to see what awesome stuff you come up with! Hope you don't have to stay up too late. Good luck!

  2. Ahh, everyone is sick and I can't get a ride out there. I really, really hope it is going great and I look forward to your pictures! I so wanted to go. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  3. Nnnn... I'm sooo full from all the delicious food I'm practically exploding xD

    But that was hands down the best birthday dinner (more like a feast lol) I've ever had. Everything from the sushi to the tofu was simply amazing.

    I only wish there were more of the awesome desserts :( Every time they came it they were gobbled up before I could get to them. The chocolate covered strawberries in particular looked really really delicious. Maybe you should put them on the regular menu ;)

    Everyone did a wonderful job pulling it all off and it was truly a celebration worthy of your one year anniversary!!!

  4. Wow, it was SOOOO packed! Congratulations on the success of your party! We got there too late, but will definitely be by soon to enjoy some sushi!

  5. Fughawzi!

    Thank you very much for your support!
    I think it went well..
    too bad that you couldn't make it though...

    It was super super busy and I couldn't take much pics, but we had a photographer so I will defenetely update some pictures here!

    see you soon!

  6. Cermet Kirameku.

    thank you for coming!
    I was supposed to say Happy birthday! to you in person.
    but I was carried away by the big crowd...sorry...
    happy happy birthday!!

    and I know! I wish there were more desserts.
    everytime I brought out my desserts plate to set up on the dessrt table, people started to grab them. so they never really make it to the table.... >0<

    hope that you can come soon and have a real birthday dinner with us! so we can sing for you!!

  7. Lex!

    Hi. my boss and I were looking for you all night!
    we couldn't find you though... :(

    but thank you for coming and hope to see you very soon.