April! spring menu!!

Spring has come!

We are going to add some new menu.

For me, I was thinking about using strawberries and some other fruits...
I don't know yet..
The strawberry mousse that I served for the sushi class (pic above) was received very well so I was hoping to make something like that :)

I've got to go and experiment!


  1. Yeah, that strawberry mousse was so good! I really enjoyed the sauce with it.. Maybe if you decide to put it on the menu, drizzle it across the mousse so you get some with every bite? That would probably not look as pretty as the picture though, haha. Strawberries are amazing so I completely support any dessert containing them. Have you guys thought about doing daifuku? I know theres a vendor downstairs but they probably use lots of fake colours and unhealthy ingredients. Though it looks kind of time consuming so just ignore me..

    Can't wait to try any new creations!

  2. thank you for your input!
    I actually made a sample yesterday.
    it's not just strawberry, but also has a kiwi flavor to it.
    And for the sauce, I decided to give a generous portion so the mousse is floating on the sauce.

    hope someday I get to make daifuku for you!
    you need to be the first one to try it! ok??