As our websie tells you
"We offer organic and natural meals influenced and inspired by macrobiotic and Japanese style[...]
We don't use refined sugar; instead we use brown rice syrup, maple syrup and maple sugar."

This maple sugar and syrup are usually my must-have items when I make my desserts at Shojin.
It is not healthy if you use too much of them, but they are much much more benificial for your body than refined sugar. They contain a lot more minerals and come in a pure form, which totally matches the concept of macrobiotic. It has been a bit of challenge for me to use these sweeteners and other macrobiotic ingredients since I was trained and worked in regular sugar surroundings. I, however, love the idea of having and offering this great option for people with a sweet tooth.
So come enjoy our desserts! and make yourself feel better!! They won't give you any sugar rush, but they will sooth you and indulge you :)


  1. When you learned, did you learn how to cook vegan desserts? If not, was it hard to convert over to that?

    Also, have you guys tried using grade B maple syrup? It is so lovely. Whole Foods' 365 brand is the only organic version I've been able to find so far. It has a stronger maple taste than grade A. Though unless you really want it to taste maple-y, it isn't a good choice. Ah, maple flavour is so good!

  2. hey!
    sorry for the delay!

    ok, the question about vegan desserts...
    I didn't learn it at all. I went to regular culinary school in SF. I did old fashion french style pastry, chocolate, and pulled sugar...etc...
    It is still hard to come up with new vegan and macrobiotic desserts, but it is exciting and fun in its own way.

    We haven't used grade B maple syrup, I don't think. but defenetely I will love to create something maple-y in the future! thank you for the insights!