Pictures of Matsuri!!

(Cute baby, Hana chan with her beautiful kimono on!)
The party was such a success! I think....
Except the fact that there were few people who coulnd't get inside...or
eat well because of our unorganized arrangements....
We learned a lot from this biggest event yet.
So hopefully, for the next time, we will be a better organizer!

(A lot of people were sooo excited to eat vegan nigiri!)

(Mr. Kanda's live music performance.)

(Great presentation and yummy sushi.
Thank you, Hiro san! and Yuya!)
We are thinking about doing this again for the summer.
I'd let you know the details soon enough!
And most of all,
Thank you very very much everybody for coming to our 1st year anniversary!
We are so lucky to have you and your love for Shojin.


  1. Ooh, please do it again during the summer! That looks absolutely amazing.

  2. of course!! We will! hope that you had a great Vegan anniversary as well.

  3. -.- So sad that I missed it! It looked like everyone had a great time.

  4. hi, healingmercy!!

    too bad! but we are going to have a party again for the summer as well so don't miss it!