new dessert!! Chocolate Tart

I added a couple of items yesterday to my dessert collection.
the first one is Chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream!
Dark and creamy chocolate ganache in a chocolate crust. (pic above)
I made a petite chocolate tart for matsuri party, and it was received well so
I decided to make it bigger and better.

And the other one is strawberry mousse.  It is not just a strawberry mousse, but the kiwi gelee is hiding inside of the mousse.  
hopefully this will bring a spring and early summer feeling to the restaurant!


  1. Aishlin and I had the chocolate tart yesterday and it was delicious!! We were told that the strawberry dessert wasn't ready yet for the day, so we didn't have a chance to try it. And I left my hat in the restaurant :(
    But that just means we have to come back tonight for dinner and eat again! :D

  2. oh thanks!! I didn't know you already tried!!
    I am off today, but hope you get to try strawberry mousse and get your hat back :)