A little less earnest, a little more flavorful and luxurious-L.A.'s macrobiotic restaurants are going mainstream!!

Did you see the Food section of LA times today!!??
Shojin is introduced along with other hip microbiotic restaurants and cafes around LA.

The article goes,
"Shojin: Shojin restaurant in Little Tokyo (in the Little Tokyo Galleria) has a more formal dining room than the cafes mentioned above, complete with white tablecloths and low lighting, and the kitchen strives to create dishes that match the ambience. Organic soba dishes such as vegetable tempura soba are a highlight. Appetizers include a bright orange-kale salad and sauteed mushrooms, and desserts are artfully plated."

Big Smooches to LA times!!


  1. Congratulations! That is so cool. Woo LA times for realizing your awesomeness!

  2. thank you thank you!

    it is because of all of you who support us!