Cuisine Minceur/dessert

So yesterday was my big day!!
I got to express my creativity again!
Thanks to my bosses who gave me this great oppotunity :)

I'd love to show you what I did this time~!

Asparagus and caramelized pecan rice ice cream

Red bell pepper mousse with seasonal fruits and lemon glaze
paired with St.Clemont

Cold honeydew and cucumber soup with petite shiratama mochi

Poached Tomato with mint granite and rosemary cookie
Paired with Tropical mixed drink

Edamame Mont Blanc
Paired with Hot green Tea

Sweet potato, carrot and mango cheese cake with carrot orange rice ice cream
Paired with Raspberry iced tea

Using summer vegetables, I got to make lots of good stuff!
It was soooo much fun again.
And the best part yet is talking to the customers who loved all the desserts.

The last customer of that day, I got to meet Gary who came the day before to dine at
Shojin. He is a serious foodie :) and he told me that the Salad (Poached Tomato with mint granite) was exquisite and almost three star michelin level. OHHHH *O*

All my sleepless nights finally paid off !!!


  1. how much are the 5 course dessert?

  2. We offered the dessert course for $25.00 this time!!