Shojin Original Seitan (3 types of "wheat meat")

We released new menu items on July, now we have 3 types of seitan.
1. Seitan Nuggets
2. Seitan Pepper Steak
3. BBQ Seitan, Seitan Cuttlet

Each individual seitan has the different recipe and cooking methods so it can create uniqueness and tender texture like chicken, pork and beef.

Seitan is wheat gluten that has been kneaded in a way that the gluten threads align themselves to resemble meat. It was invented by advocates of the macrobiotic food movement in Japan, specifically as a meat substitute, and usually called “wheat meat”.

1. Seitan Nuggets
Seitan Nuggets 6.95
Fried nugget style seitan. Crispy outside and tender inside.Served with Shojin ketchup.

2. Seitan Pepper Steak
Seitan Pepper Steak 14.95
Pan-fried tender seitan steaks seasoned with black pepper and spicy soy sauce.

Please read how we created this innovated steak. Blog Posted on July 11, "New Menu: How we created "Seitan Pepper Steak"

3. BBQ Seitan, Seitan Cuttlet

Barbequed Seitan 6.95
Pan-fried sliced seitan with our soy barbeque sauce.

“Yuzu” Ponzu Seitan 6.95
Pan-fried seitan w/ grated daikon and yuzu citrus soy sauce.

Seitan Cordon Blue 12.95
Deep fried crispy seitan cutlet with vegan cheese and shiso inside served with home made miso demi-glace sauce and special dressing.

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